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New Jiofi Users to Be Offered 224 gb Data By Reliance Jio

The customers who buy the JioFi device alongside Jio SIM card will be provided with new offers launched by Reliance Jio. Valued at Rs 1,999 on the, the JioFi devices also have new data offers. This will allow the users with the option of relishing 224 GB data for the time of the offer period. A lot more data is offered to JioFi users than the regular Jio Prime users within the new options. So, let’s have a glimpse at the JioFi data offers.

When a user buys a JioFi device, they need to activate the SIM and become a Jio Prime member by paying Rs 99. Then 4 options are provided to the user by Jio to pick and opt as per their data requirement. Only the users who buy the new JioFi device and a new Jio SIM with JioPrime membership can avail the offer.

The first option of Jio offers 2 GB data every month for a year at a recharge of Rs 149. Basically, a user who opts for this alternative has to pay Rs 149 and Rs 99 as part of their initial recharge, and then free data for 12 months… The next option will provide 1 GB data every day for 6 months to users at a recharge of Rs 309. Thus, the total payment to be made will be Rs 309 and Rs 99. The recharge will provide the user data of up to 168 GB for the entire offer duration.

With the third option, the user can avail 2 GB data every day for 4 months at Rs 509 recharge. Similar to others, the total recharge will be Rs 509 and Rs 99 and would be valid for 4 months. This total up to 224 GB for the offer period, which is higher than the data provided to the regular Jio Prime without the JioFi device. The last offer provides the user 60 GB data for 4 months on a recharge of Rs 999. The offer will apply for 2 cycles of recharge, which total up to 120 days or approximately 4 months. The offers are open only to the prepaid users, and 28 days will be the billing cycle.

Apart from this, the “Summer Surprise” offer by Jio will be expiring by this month end, after which the users—in order to carry on using the data service of the company—have to get a recharge done. At present, the “Dhan Dhana Dhan” offer is provided to users by Reliance Jio that offers them 2GB/1GB data every day for 84 days at Rs 509/Rs 309 recharge, respectively.

Poonam Bhosale
Poonam Bhosale
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