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NBA 2K21 Best Shooting Tips: How To Shoot & Get More Greens?

In this NBA 2K21 shooting guide we explain how to shoot with the new mechanics and how to improve your scoring technique, then you will don’t need to seek top rated players with NBA 2K21 MT and VC in-game!

NBA 2K21 Best Shooting Tips

NBA 2K21 Shooting Guide – How To Perform Effective Shot

All in all, in NBA 2K21 the shooting system remained similar to the one proposed in previous years. This year, however, you’ll have to learn and master some new mechanics if you really want to claim the title of top scorer and make a difference. In this guide from reliable NBA 2K MT store – AOEAH.COM, we will explain, therefore, how to shooting in NBA 2K21. We will start with the simplest basics and techniques up to the Pro tricks. Get ready to make 3 points!

NBA 2K21 Shoot Tip 1 – The Basic Controls

How to shoot and score in NBA 2K21? Very simple. The first thing to keep in mind is that there are different types of shooting. There are dunks, lay-ups, jump shots, post shots and more. In this the shots are similar to those you had available in previous years as you have various options to choose from. You can shoot with buttons or with the analog stick. Whatever your choice you have some things to keep in mind. In the first case, the button assigned to the shot is X on Xbox and square on PlayStation. In case you prefer the analog know that the one to be operated is the right.

How To Shoot With Buttons In NBA 2K21?

When shooting with buttons and using the hit meter, hold down the shoot button depending on your platform and then hold it until the indicator is aligned with the center of the hit meter. The closer you get to the center of the shooting meter, the better and more accurate your shot will be. If your shot is perfect, the indicator will flash in green to let you know that you have released at a good time. The controller will also vibrate to signal you when it’s the ideal time to score. That’s all about how to shoot using the keys in NBA 2K21.

How To Shoot With Analog Stick In NBA 2K21?

The button shooting option is definitely the most immediate to learn between the two methods available. however, shooting with the analog stick is also not too complicated. This time, instead of holding down the button, you’ll have to shoot the right lever down and then release it to shoot. The more you release the lever near the center, the more accurate the shot will be. These two methods use timing and aim to determine the accuracy of your shots, but there are methods to change these settings. That’s how to shoot in NBA 2K21, let’s now see the advanced mechanics and other tips.

NBA 2K21 Shoot Tip 2 – Change Controller Settings

How to shoot in NBA 2K21 is simple, you just saw it. Keep in mind, however, that these listed methods are predefined and can be changed. You can change the settings for the shot to score or not automatically, based on your players’ stats. The Real Player % option can be changed in the controller settings in the “Shooting Time” section. Set this value to Real Player % if you want your shots to score depending on how good your player’s stats are or not.

NBA 2K21 Best Shooting Tips 2

The settings menus also allow you to experience the activation and deactivation of the hit meter or the change in shooting timing. You can also choose to turn controller vibration on or off. There’s no precise path to becoming a perfect scorer in NBA 2K21, so experiment with different settings until you find one you’re comfortable with.

NBA 2K21 Shoot Tip 3 – Best Shoot Methods

Shooting into practice what we told you about how to shoot in NBA 2K21 is easier said than done. However, in the game there are many feedback tools to use that will probably make you better shooters. As you learn the basics and timing of shooting, there is a shooting feedback tool that will appear at the top of the screen to let you know how good your shot was and what the score was. Pay attention to this as it will appear immediately after releasing the button or analog. This can provide you with valuable information in terms of what you did correctly or not at the time of shooting.

Top 3 Methods To Shoot In NBA 2K21:

  1. Shot Stick Aiming + L/R Trigger
  2. Shot Stick Aiming
  3. Turn Meter Off

Shooting in NBA 2K21 is more than just pressing a button at the right time. There are variables that come into play in real time such as being marked, for example. These mechanics can ruin the performance of even test shooters. The various players also have favorite areas where they turn out to be better shooters. Getting to know them, as well as making good shots and using the correct timing and aim is the only way to improve your results.

NBA 2K21 Shoot Tip 4 – Pro Shooting Tricks To Get Greens

At the conclusion of our guide on how to shoot in NBA 2K21, we offer you some tips provided by none other than the gameplay director of the game himself:

  • Tap the left trigger at the ideal release time for an additional boost at the time of shooting
  • If you’re using the shoot buttons, turn off the hit meter for an additional boost
  • Try to aim to release when the indicator bar is green, of course
  • If you want the game to be more like last year’s you can turn off the Shooting Mira completely so you have shooting timing on the Pro Stick like last year

It’s all for our guide on how to shoot in NBA 2K21. As you have seen the process, it initially looks quite simple. Mastering it, however, is another story. Some mechanics have changed slightly since previous years and this could create difficulties even for veterans of video game basketball. In any case, the answer always valid at this juncture is only one: practical, practical and still practical.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. Stay tuned to AOEAH.COM for all the news and curiosities from the gaming world and beyond.

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