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Most Popular Gaming Hacks of 2019 So Far

Throughout the history of gaming, if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that gamers love a good hack or cheat code. You could thoroughly enjoy the game in its regular state and even be very good at it, but there’s something rather entertaining about getting one up on the game and making it play your rules, be it by doubling up, altering the world, or speeding up progress.

We’re still very early into 2019, with plenty of top-class games on the release schedule which will undoubtedly have people clamouring for some hacks, but these are the most popular gaming hacks of the year so far.

Forget the grind, unlock it all quickly

Most Popular Gaming Hacks
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Nintendo has been going above and beyond to appease the masses with its game releases on the innovative Nintendo Switch console, with their almighty year of 2018 given an exclamation mark with the end of year release Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. One of the most endearing aspects of the game is that there is so much to do, from the plethora of game modes and customisable games to unlocking all of its characters. It’s a truly massive game, and some people may find themselves still working through the huge story mode World of Light to unlock all of the characters. However, there is an easier way.

Many gamers who wanted to unlock all 74 characters as quickly as possible turned to playing Classic Mode and Smash battles, realising that there is a ten-minute quota needed before you are challenged to unlock a new fighter. If you lose a matchup, you can then go to the Games & More menu to battle your conquerors once again to try and unlock them. Using this method streamlines the process of unlocking all characters in the game.

Why play one game when you can play two at once?

Why play one game when you can play two at once

One of the most popular platforms for online gaming is that of the online casino. For the vast majority of these gamers, slotmachines are the best games thanks to their many themes, bonuses, and big win potential. As there are literally hundreds of slots to play, players find themselves wanting to game on multiple titles at once. So, the split-screen hack has become a popular tool of online casino gamers.

Thanks to Windows 10 and its side-screen snap tool, gamers simply have to open new tabs for the games that they want to play, snap the tabs to either side and then play 2 slotmachines at the same time. This has become common practice in 2019, with new games like Raging Rex or Divine Dreams being played alongside big-hit classics like Book of Dead and Gonzo’s Quest. Even though the websites are designed for players to enjoy one game at a time, this little hack has been allowing gamers to get double the fun.

Rockstar love their cheat codes

Rockstar love their cheat codes

Some of the fondest memories of playing on past Rockstar titles such as the Grand Theft Auto games will be forged on entering cheat codes and causing havoc. Their latest release, Red Dead Redemption 2, is also filled with cheat code opportunities. There are 28 cheat codes for the open-world Western title, all of which can be entered in the pause menu and then the under Settings. Some of the most popular of these cheats are adding $500, creating a superior horse, and getting infinite dead eye.

There will certainly be more popular cheats and hacks emerge when the likes of Anthem, Metro Exodus, Crackdown 3, Total War: Three Kingdoms, Days Gone and Yoshi’s Crafted World come out, but for now, players of these wildly successful games continue to utilise the art of the hack to enhance their enjoyment.

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