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Most Famous Game Characters Of All Time

Who do you think of first when you think about video games? That’s the question we asked ourselves at Howchoo when making this list, which was a team effort. Everyone here weighed in with their favorite famous video game characters. And thus, this list was born.

Our list contains famous video game characters from the long past to the present. Given that more and more game companies seek to use their iconic characters as representations of their brand, you can find many of these figures on shirts, cards, and even as Easter eggs within other games. And while Nintendo certainly claims the most famous video game characters, you’ll find representatives from most major video game publishers of the last thirty years.

Game Characters

Like all lists, this list of iconic video game characters is subjective, and we’re certain that we’ve missed a few fan favorites. We hope you’ll enjoy this list of the most iconic video game characters!

Most Famous Game Characters Of All Time

Here is the list of the most famous game characters of all time. Let us know if you remember these game characters or not?

1- Gingerbrave:


If you have played Cookie Run: Kingdom on your PC then you must be aware of the game character Gingerbrave. Well, the name of the character was based on his personality, he was brave and looked like a ginger.

This game is a mixture of RPG, Combats, Party, and more. The best part of this game is, that although it’s developed for mobile platforms, the developers have created this game in such a way that you can play this game on your PC as well.

2- Shy Guy:

Shy Guy

Shy Guys are the quintessential cute and evil minions of video games. They appear in several Nintendo titles as the minions of Bowser or Wart. They’re thought to live in the Mushroom Kingdom, though that is just a rumor. What is consistent about the Shy Guys are their iconic masks and robes, as well as their cute and sneaky nature.

For many Nintendo fans, the Shy Guy is best known for his appearance and performance in Mario Power Tennis, where let’s face it…Shy Guy had some skills.

3- Navi:

Navi Ocarina of Time

Even though Navi only appears in Ocarina of Time, the little sprite/fairy has still won our hearts. Navi is told early in the game by the Great Deku Tree to follow Link and help him out in his journey.

Navi points out clues and other hidden things on the map for Link and points out the direction of the quests. Navi is also a way for Link to lock on to certain enemy targets.

Navi has also made quite a few lists of the most annoying characters in a video game with many players seeing Navi more as a distraction than something essential to the game.

4- Ash Ketchum:

Ash Ketchum

Contrary to popular belief, Ash Ketchum is not the protagonist of video games such as Pokémon Red, Blue, or Yellow. Instead, the main character of those games is named Red, who the anime character known as Ash Ketchum is based on. The only game Ash Ketchum appears in is Pokémon Puzzle League released for the N64 in 2000.

Confusing? Yeah, we know. Still, Ash Ketchum is what most people think of when they think of Pokémon and its main protagonist, which is enough to earn him the spot on our list.

The original anime used the name Satoshi Tajiri, who is the creator of the Pokémon game and series. Ash was meant to be like Tajiri when he was a child and showcased his love for catching bugs.

5- Dog from Duck Hunt:

Dog from Duck Hunt

Known only as “Dog,” the dog that collects the ducks the player has shot has that winning smile that helps him onto our list of famous video game characters. Seriously though, “Dog” would likely not have made the list if it weren’t for his character in Super Smash Bros, which has made him quite a bit more famous with gamers of the younger generation.

Really all the dog does is appear on the screen to show off the ducks, but every time he does it just makes us smile. Oh, and he laughs every time a player misses, which makes him one of the most annoying characters of all time, as well.

There was an urban legend that a player could actually kill the dog in Duck Hunt, which wasn’t true until the arcade VS. Duck Hunt, where it actually was possible to shoot the dog. We say…why would you want to hurt that delightful mutt?!

6- Sweet Tooth:

Sweet Tooth

It was hard to decide between showcasing the image of Sweet Tooth himself or his iconic ice cream truck. We went with the killer clown, who might be responsible for a whole generation of people with coulrophobia or a fear of clowns.

While he doesn’t have much of a narrative, we learn from later cut scenes that Sweet Tooth is a former circus performer who’s escaped from a mental institution. In-game, Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck is decked with some wicked machine guns and the screams of his victims.

For years, fans have been asking to learn more about Sweet Tooth’s backstory, and finally, a cut-scene was made where we learn about a lover that Sweet Tooth doesn’t much care for anymore, to put it mildly.

7- M. Bison:

M. Bison

The Dictator to some, M. Bison is the ultimate personification of evil and the main antagonist of the Street Fighter series, even while not appearing until Street Fighter II. Like many villains, M. Bison’s ultimate goal is to take over the world.

He tries to accomplish this through his underground crime syndicate known as Shadaloo. His in-game powers include a famous energy attack where he spins in the air at his opponent. He’s known for the barely comprehensible “Ooga” he shouts throughout the match while he punches.

Originally the character was going to be named Mike Bison. Capcom feared, however, that they would be legally liable due to the close resemblance of that name to the boxer Mike Tyson, so they shortened the “Mike” to just an “M.”


In this post, we have discussed top 7 most famous game characters of all time. Do let us know which character you have played and were aware of?


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