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How To Improve Your DNS Performance?

DNS is an essential piece of the Internet, which is why your DNS performance should be one of your top priorities. If you wonder how to improve the speed of your domain and its overall management, this article is for you! So, let’s start!

What is DNS

What is DNS?

DNS is a short acronym for Domain Name System, a decentralized hierarchical infrastructure. It brings an easy and effortless opportunity for regular users to use the Internet as we know it nowadays. In its primary core, the DNS has an extensive database that includes every pair of any domain name and a corresponding IP address that is available.

It all starts when a user wants to connect and explore a precise website and types the domain name into the address bar of the browser. That way, a long DNS process (DNS resolution) is triggered to find the required corresponding IP address. That process is needed due to the fact that the domain name has to be transformed into a language that servers and devices understand in order to achieve successful communication. That language is represented actually with numbers and, more precisely, IP addresses. Once the needed IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) is available, the user’s browser can proceed and connect with the requested website.

If we take a look back in the days when the Domain Name System (DNS) was not developed yet, we will understand that then this process was way more difficult. For example, if a user wanted to connect and explore a website, it was necessary to remember and type the long and difficult IP addresses, like, so that it can do that. Imagine what a memory challenge would be in today’s world, with so many available websites. For us, humans, it is way more acceptable to remember a simple domain name, for instance,

For sure, the DNS (Domain Name System) simplified the communication between regular users and machines with a solution that allows both sides to use their preferred language.

DNS performance

Your DNS performance is one of those factors that are commonly overlooked. However, it can contribute a lot and easily improve your performance and loading time. If you are not careful and neglect it, the result could have negative effects for these factors.

For that reason it is crucial to know and understand how DNS operates and how you can uplevel your DNS management. For that purpose it is best to assign the task to a trusted and reliable DNS hosting provider that will award you with great speed and even improved user experience.

How can Premium DNS improve your DNS performance?

Premium DNS is an advanced service offered by DNS hosting providers. Once you decide to upgrade to a Premium plan, you can take advantage of more of everything. For example, you have more DNS servers, DNS zones, and DNS records available. In addition, you have better opportunities for traffic management.

By choosing a Premium DNS service, you will guarantee better uptime, enhanced protection, and of course, an improvement in the loading speed. Not to mention that it could affect your SEO positively!

In case your business is not able to tolerate any downtime, the Premium DNS service is a must-have. Besides, if you manage a website that is more than a small personal blog, you can see a massive improvement in your DNS performance by implementing this service. Another scenario where you may need to consider the upgrade is when the number of monthly visitors is rapidly increasing.

How to get started with Premium DNS?

You can find Premium DNS from a DNS hosting provider, like ClouDNS, Cloudflare, and Namecheap. It is important to note that you should choose your service provider wisely. Trust those that are well-known and reliable, and offer the most suitable option for your business.

Once you have made that decision, you should consider your needs and requirements. Also, which advanced features are you going to implement? Of course, there is an opportunity to upgrade your plan later, in case your demands grow!

When you finally sign up for Premium DNS, you will instantly notice the massive improvement in the speed, loading time, and overall DNS performance!


Now you are aware of how important DNS performance actually is! So make sure to do your very best with your DNS management. Premium DNS is an amazing service that won’t get you disappointed!


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