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More Tips For Unlocking Windows 10 Laptop without Passwords

Forgetting a password is a very common habit nowadays if we prefer doing things online or use online apps and platforms widely. To access most apps and other utility platforms we are excessively dependent on a bunch of passwords and pins. Keeping in mind a lot of passwords indeed makes us obscure and it leads to an unexpected sign-in failure which interferes with our accessibility to the windows, laptop and other configured apps. For which we’ve sorted three best password unlocking tools for windows 10 laptop below in the article.Let’s get into the best password cracking tools described below for Windows10 laptop in simple steps:

Tip 1.Unlock Windows 10 Laptop With John the Ripper

John the Ripper is one of its kind password cracking tools that are integrated to support the maximum operating system propagated rationally. But it is purposefully ingrained to detect weaker passwords, phrases, and paraphrases through word lists, hashes, and ciphers. In general, it’s a free open-source tool widely available in source code form including versions for the specific operating systems to get optimal deliverance. It is a little complex for common users as it functions on command lines.

Step#1 First Extract Hashes from Windows:

  • Windows have database file SAM that keeps user account passwords in encrypted forms that are mostly located in the system directory that can be viewed by following the given path:


  • Now to fetch the password hashes from the SAM file we will download another free software “PwDump7” from the internet and install/unzip it on your PC desktop.
  • Now open the command prompt and locate for the PwDump7 folder you recently downloaded.

Command promt

  • Type the following command in the Command prompt window:

PwDump7.exe > d:\hash.txt   and tap <Enter>

To fetch the password hashes from the current location and then save it to “D drive” d:\hash.txt.

Step#2 Using John the Ripper to cracking Windows 10 password:

  • Go to the official site of John the Ripper and download the tool,and save the unzipped file in a folder on your PC.

Command promt2

  • Now open the Command prompt (type cmd in RUN command box) and make changes in the directory where John the Ripper files are located.

john –format=LM d:\hash.txt and tap <Enter>

  • This will initialize cracking passwords and in no time passwords will be recovered.

*John the Ripper is restricted for illegal hacking of passwords. No doubt, it is a little complex for non-IT professionals.

Tip 2.Unlock Windows 10 Laptop Via WinPWD Windows Password Recovery Tool

WinPWD Windows Password recovery Tool is the topped with its features and simple user interface that marks it the best tool to unlock password for windows laptop. Where the user is provided a bootable disk to remove the login or admin password on Windows 10 laptop,and The entire operation process is very simple, which is a boon for users who are not skilled in PC.It owns 4 specific editions that support the user to resolve even chronic password issues.

Step 1: Download Windows Password Recovery Tool to Create Password reset disc:

  • Take a different PC other than your “Locked device” to download and install the Windows Password Recovery
  • Now create a password reset disk on your preferred USB/CD/or DVD by inserting the USB/CD/ or DVD to the laptop having Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery Tool

Step 2: Boot the Locked device with the help of Password reset disc:

  • Start Booting your locked Windows 10 laptop from the reset disc recently created. Let the system restart and then “Press F12” or “ESC” to get into the “System Boot Menu Interface”.
  • Here the user will find a list of options for “Boot Choices” (*USB the reset disc as well). Let the laptop come to the Main Interface.

Boot the Locked device

Step 3: Let the Windows Recovery Tool reset the Password

  • The Windows Password Recovery will open a list of choices to different tabs:
  • Select a Window (select your window)
  • Select a User (Select your user)
  • Select Tab to “RESET”
  • Select “REBOOT” tab
  • The system will reboot and allow the user to login “Normally”. The password unlocking is all done and laptop are ready for access.

Tip 3.Unlock Locked Windows 10 Laptop By Using Cain & Abel

Cian & Abel is a bright tool to recover or crack passwords for Windows 10 with password attack policies that hack the password hashes technically and recover them. It is free and supports windows widely with its effective cracking methods. Let see the process through steps:

Step 1: Open Cain & Abel and select the <Cracker> tab now click on the Add + button given on the toolbar.

Unlock Locked Windows 10 Laptop By Using Cain & Abel

Step 2:  A window opens to extract hashes from local users and then tap on <Next>

Step 3: A window with a list of account information will appear here. Now check for the passwords for the accounts labeled.

Step 4: Now select the account you’re willing to hack the password for a menu pops up asking you to choose an option for cracking the password.  We will go with Dictionary attack > NTLM Hashes pursuit.

Step 5: Once the NTLM hashes loaded a window screen will appear to ask you to start the dictionary attack. Now click to “Add the list” menu, Wait to browse all the common text files and press the start option.

Step 6: Most probably the password will be cracked and displayed in the window below notifying the user that the password is been “cracked”. No doubt this is time taking but still, it works better when you want to do it free and with great ease.

password cracked and displayed

*The Cain and Abel give you other options like Brute force and Crypt analysis if the above method doesn’t give you preferred response.


All the tools described above in the article are best in their process to guide users while unlocking passwords for windows 10 laptop. We had included simple steps in a clarified way to provide detailed information to the user to learn the tools and their usages.These methods are little time consuming but works their best if followed intelligently.You’ll hardly take much time if you carefully follow the WinPWD Windows Password Recovery Tool to unlock the windows 10 password without any data loss. Let us know your queries if any. If you find this article satisfactory please notify us through your feedback. We are humble to respond and positively revert with the best solutions. Thanks for reading!!

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