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Millennials: The Generation of Marijuana Enthusiasts

Generation Y, better known as Millennials, is defined as a collective cultural group who were born from the early 80s through the turn of the Millennium. 

Millennials reached their adulthood amongst a global financial crisis and amidst of what was the biggest digital growth the world has seen thus far.

Since most Millennials were born under the mantra that they were “special” and could be someone important to the world, they tend to be the most optimistic generation of all.

Besides all that, Millennials are the most accepting generation when it comes to marijuana. 

How's that? According to a Gallup poll, millennials support cannabis legalization more than Baby Boomers and Generation X. More than half of Republican millennials and 77 percent of Democratic millennials support the legalization of cannabis in the US. In comparison, 57 percent amongst Generation X supports legalization and 38 percent of the Baby Boomers support it.

There are lots of reasons why the older generations aren’t very fond of cannabis as millennials, and you can blame it partially on the Reagan Era. Older generations are less likely to accept marijuana because of the Reagan Administration and its heavy anti-cannabis propaganda, which we can say really didn’t work despite the efforts. Thanks Nancy.

During Reagan’s time in office, millennials were either too young to understand or not born yet. Consequently, they never cared about that “just say no” message.

Millennials also grew up under this big legalization wave, in which many states have legalized marijuana fully or partially. This whole stigma over cannabis users are no longer perpetuating among people as it did before, and cannabis is becoming more and more acceptable among society.  

33 million American adults use cannabis on a regular basis. More and more people are open about the fact they use marijuana, and the accessibility of medical marijuana is only getting easier and easier.

Generation Y also has much more access to information about cannabis, thanks to the internet and researchers who have shown immense interest in researching cannabis. Anyone who is interested in finding out more about marijuana can access all types of information online.

Millennials also have access to the best cannabis the world has seen in decades. With many advancements in technology and botany, today's weed is purer and stronger than all the others. There are also different strains of cannabis, to please whoever tries it. Today we have many ways of consuming it, we have dabs, vapes, tinctures, all imaginable types of edibles and more.

If you need any more proof that Millennials are the biggest marijuana enthusiasts of generations, just remember that they are the group of people who smoke cannabis the most and supports the legalization of cannabis more than any other generation.

Generation Y is probably going to be the changing voice of the US and the world need to support the marijuana legal status. Debunking myths, advocating, and spreading knowledge about the plant is something many Millennials are happy to do it.

As it was previously said, Millennials sure are the most optimistic and tolerant of difference than the previous generations. Let’s all hope Generation Z continues supporting the wave of legalization.

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Brian Flores
Brian Flores
Brian is a business editor who writes about various topics such as technology, health and finance. He works along with the colourful folks that build a nation through tech startups. He is also a professional football player and video games enthusiast.


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