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Medium Readings Explained

There is a big difference in getting a reading with a psychic and a medium. A psychic will typically use their intuition and/or clair senses in order to read a person’s energy. When dealing with a medium, the medium will connect to their personal spirit team, the client’s spirit team, and/or those loved ones who are in spirit to provide validation and guidance. The spirit works through a medium, using their clair senses to communicate with the current client. By doing this, the medium is able to be impartial, avoiding any personal bias or opinions while the reading is happening.

That being said, a client may ask questions similar to what would be asked of a psychic. These can still be focused on love, money, health, career, and life transitions, but the source of the provided information will vary. A psychic is doing a reading on their own with senses, but a medium is a channel through which a spirit or personal guide is sending a message. The messages passed through divine spirits will have a different energy than those that come from a psychic. Though one is no better or worse than the other, the client must feel they can resonate with the information. There are rare occasions in which a medium is overshadowed by the spirit, taking on actual physical characteristics, voice tone, or body language.

Medium Readings Explained

What to Expect

Every medium will have their own way and style of reading which is based on their specific clair abilities. Depending on which abilities are strongest and the tools chosen to channel spirit energy, the reading may take on a different look. Some will grasp a crystal for focus, while some may close their eyes and breathe deeply to relax and open up. Some may even write in an unusual or rapid manner to get tuned in. Prior to the reading, many mediums will meditate in order to slow the logical mind and amp up the intuitive receptive mind. When contact with a spirit is made, they may be able to view the spirit in their third eye or sense the spirit through bodily sensations.

Some mediums may hear a whisper as the spirit speaks. This then becomes the responsibility of the medium to make sure the connection is valid as the spirit offers clues to who they are and how they connect to the client. The clues can vary greatly from fond memories to a favorite color or even how they passed. This can be anything to help the client know the reading is legit and form a connection. Once that connection is formed, the spirit will offer a message about their life. This could be things left unsaid, affirmations, apologies, or about anything else. The spirit may even send messages to others through the client.

What to Know Ahead of Time

There are a few things you should be aware of before receiving a medium reading. The first is that the medium does not have any control over who comes through. Though the client can request certain people, this is no guarantee. This happens for reasons like the spirit is connecting in other ways or that they do not have a message at the moment. If you are looking for someone specific, ask prior to the reading.

Connecting with a spirit of a loved one is rare right away. Wait a month or two before reaching out after passing. Grief can be a barrier to connecting so wait a bit so you and the spirit learn better energy control.

While skepticism is fine, be open to what is shared. The medium will often bring out heart based information over factual things like dates and times. Going in just to test a medium is counterproductive.

Prior to the reading, set an intention that is clear. You want to know why you are communicating very specifically. Finally, if something does not make sense, let the medium know. Sometimes the message may be for someone else or it is being interpreted incorrectly. Do not overshare up front. Give a name if requested, but let the medium connect and relay information to you instead of providing it all.

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