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Max Polyakov Patented 6 Inventions Contributing To The Business Ecosystem

  • Description: Max Polyakov, cofounder of Association Noosphere, patented several inventions to protect his intellectual property. Max Polyakov encourages innovation by example and inspires enthusiasts to apply to patent ideas for business purposes.
    Max Polyakov Patented 6 Inventions Contributing To The Business Ecosystem
    Image credit: unsplash.com

    Who says it’s easy to start and move forward the engine of progress? Bringing something new to society is hard work. The way leads through self-discipline and learning throughout one’s life. Some people devote part of their lives both to entrepreneurship and inventions. Max Polyakov is one of them. Many years of experience resulted in a range of scientific and business ideas.But still, there are some nuances in the way of implementing ideas and making them work for the benefit of humankind. Enthusiasts like Max Polyakov should not be the only active part of a society. The motivation to contribute to society’s development by producing fresh ideas is also not enough. It is important to apply a responsible approach toward intellectual property and protect it.

    Among the legal tools to protect know-how is patenting inventions to prevent them from being stolen. Max Polyakov patented inventions mostly in the field of online tech in order to protect business interests. His patents are:

    • An Ontological System and variants of its use
    • Intelligent Search and Service Customization
    • An in-game advertising solution
    • Social Event Scheduler
    • Slots Journey

      Max Polyakov Patented 6 Inventions Contributing To The Business Ecosystem
      Image credit: https://www.eff.org

    Despite globalization trends, we can’t connect patenting to a single global patenting procedure. International patents are exceptions to the rule, because it is costly to protect inventions worldwide and hard to do. As Max Polyakov says, there is still a way to get a patent that will be legal worldwide. It is through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), which consists of two phases.

    During the first phase, it is necessary to fill out an application through the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

    During the second phase, the application is checked in multiple countries and evaluated according to local laws in order to ensure the invention is unique.

    Thus, the PCT process includes “international” and “national” phases. According to each country’s laws, processing of the worldwide phase can take from about two years to four years.

    Before filing for a patent, it is useful to check the following issues:

    • Conduct research to find out whether the invention you want to patent, has been implemented by someone before. For example only 3% of registered patents worldwide serve the market. So if there is no product corresponding to a patent, it doesn’t mean that the idea has not been patented before.
    • If you don’t want to waste your time and effort, create a prototype first before patenting your idea.  You may make design changes in the process of working on a prototype. If you patented the idea before making these changes, you will need to go through the patenting procedure twice. Max Polyakov finished working on the mobile game Slot Journey in 2013. He patented the game only after it scored a success in the marketplace.

    Max Polyakov is a good example of an enthusiast and inventor who applies his patented ideas to business. He inspires other people to produce innovations for business purposes and protect intellectual property.

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