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Mattresses Are Going Techy Too

With all the technological advancements in our time, it might be hard to keep up. A new upgraded phone is released every few months, the laptops are getting sleeker and more powerful by the day and people are now sending cars to space. Sometimes it gets difficult to even try and understand what each upgrade does. However, one thing we know for sure is that these advancements help us more than ever. We can video call relatives in different continents, make payments through our phones and even drive a car that functions on electricity.

Even products in our daily life are getting upgraded to better models. In this day and age of social media, consumers have the power to criticise and make more people aware of the defects of using a particular brand. Companies are working tirelessly to provide us the best product or service they can to avoid such scrutiny. One of the most underrated technological advancements is the evolution of the mattress. From the days of straw mattresses to orthopaedic memory foam solutions, mattresses have undeniably come a long way. Not only are they designed to provide us supreme comfort while we sleep, innovation allows us to have adjustable frames to customise it to our sleeping positions.

Mattresses have come a long way since 1857 when the steel coil was first invented. It was only in early 1900s that technological advancements were made in the mattress industry. Memory foam mattresses were a product that completely revolutionised the mattress industry. These mattresses are dense materials that contour to your body and provide more than adequate support while you sleep. It has long overthrown coil spring mattresses in terms of quality and health benefits. It has been accepted and loved by adults, children and even toddlers. These mattresses align the spine and provide ample support to the back. However, memory foam mattresses can cause overheating. Manufacturers then pulled up their sleeves to create top cooling covers with breathable materials to provide a cool and comfortable experience.

Mattresses Are Going Techy Too

Now, people have the luxury to choose from memory foam mattresses, latex, gel mattresses, coils or a combination of them all. The number of layers that comprise a good mattress is steadily increasing to give you plush, luxurious sleeping experiences. For example, the Dreamcloud hybrid mattress has eight layers of gel-infused memory foam, natural latex, micro-coil compression system, soft memory foam and so on. The hybrid mattress uses a cashmere blend for their top layer to let you achieve blissful sleep every night. These mattresses are the definition of luxury and comfort.

Though foam was created with petroleum-based materials and doused in chemicals and flame retardants, the negative effects of these chemicals on health quickly surfaced. Manufacturers then moved on to create mattresses out of certifiably safe materials with no off-gassing to ensure the health and happiness of the customer. There are also natural, organic mattresses available for those who prefer it.

People who suffer from allergies and respiratory issues can now sigh with relief. It was found that mattresses, especially old ones, are a breeding ground for dust mites. With extra skin cells you leave behind while you sleep, these tiny creatures make their home in comfortable mattresses. It was found that older mattresses are heavier from the time of purchase as it houses mites and dust. These mites contribute to allergic reactions and sleep deprivation during the nights. However, manufacturers are now adding natural latex materials which will create an inhospitable environment for mites. An increased focus on creating safe and comfortable hypoallergenic mattresses have been a saving grace for many who constantly wake up in the night sneezing.

These days, brand rely on customer reviews as their primary marketing strategy. Word of mouth and online recommendations make up for the biggest influence on customer buying behaviour. However, constant innovation creates market leaders, better products and loyal customers.

Mattresses aren’t the only ones getting a makeover. Adjustable bed frames that provide customised comfort are helping people sleep better. These adjustable beds now come with programmable memory, built-in massagers, wireless remotes and USB ports for quick charging. Gone are the days that you need to spend hours in building the bed, screwing in various parts and assembling it on your own. The beds are now easy to assemble, does not require tools and can be done in a matter of minutes.

These adjustable beds additionally allow people to recreate and enjoy the Zero Gravity position sleeping approved by NASA for their astronauts. This position would require you to lie on your back and raise your head and legs slightly. The zero gravity sleeping position increases blood circulation, relieves pressure, prevents acid reflux and reduces swelling. These beds are now designed and created with quality materials to last forever.

As more people are now realising the importance of sleep for themselves and their family, they are making changes to their bedroom’s ambiance. While the most important component in the bedroom is the bed itself, changes to various elements have shown a great impact on sleeping behaviours. One way to bring in positive energy and relaxation is through bedroom feng shui. These little elements can revitalise your mind and body after a night of idyllic sleep. It includes steps like eliminating bright colours and adding pleasing aromas.

Manufacturers are also providing these advancements in affordable prices. In an era where premium prices for upgrades are typical, mattress brands are providing high quality products at competitive prices. A long-term trial period allows customers to take up to a year to commit to the purchase. Long warranty periods also safeguard customers from manufacturing defects in the mattress. These little elements make the purchasing decision easier.

The technological advancement in the mattress industry is a continuous process. In modern times where people work long hours, are constantly stressed and relentlessly de-prioritize sleep, it is refreshing to see manufacturers stepping up to the plate and providing top notch products and services. Mattresses are constantly evolving, benefits are endlessly supplemented, and customers have never slept better.

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