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Making Packaging Great Again Through the Use of Advanced Printers

Packaging is one of the most important and necessary segments of the industrial manufacturing unit. Proper wraps are essential so that the end products are delivered safely to the customers. As simple and common as it may sound, a lot goes into planning and providing proper packaging to your items. A lot of impediments and quality issues come in the way that needs to be fixed.

Packaging in all Types and Sizes

All packages are not the same. The build type and material are different. One of the things any customer expects to be written on the package is a few details about the contents inside. Be it a simple parcel wrapped in paper or one with foam and plastic covering, few aspects require to be imprinted. The challenge comes while deciding the printer, ink cartridges, cost, and durability of your print on the material. It is no easy job and has no one solution.

What are Industrial Inkjet Printers?

Industrial inkjet printers are the solution when to comes to high-quality lasting prints on your packages. Depending on your requirement, they come in two variants – high resolution and continuous inkjet.

User-Friendly and Low Maintenance

High-resolution industrial inkjet printers are low in maintenance and easy to use. They can provide prints on almost any surface, convenient with the use of cartridges, and easier to work with. Moreover, they can be easy integrated with automatic units serving for packaging via machines in manufacturing units. One drawback though is with the way they work. High resolutions work best in situations where the product is placed very close to the tip of the printer.

Difficulties With Uneven Surfaces

Continuous industrial inkjet printers do work conveniently on uneven surfaces. They have a comparatively high speed of printing and have a much lower cost per print. Making up for the drawback of high-resolution printers, these are adept with contactless printing, one where the product can be placed at a distance from the printer. One of the minus points is that the workings are complicated and therefore in cases of failures, the maintenance cost may go high. Also checking for damp areas in the workspace can be of help and for this you can always take assistance from Danford Brewer & Ives.

Which One Should You Choose?

Well, there is no correct way of answering that. You have to consider a lot of parameters when settling for one. Seeking expert guidance might be one of the options. Below are some of the criteria that you can consider when selecting a printer:

  • Material of packaging
  • Extent of usage
  • Immediate budget
  • Cost of maintenance
  • The shape of the print
  • Amount of details that need to be printed
  • Environment under which the printing and packaging is done

Wrapping up Your Packaging

In the end, you would want an efficient tape dispenser to finally wrap up your product. Many online sites provide consulting and services in this sector. They would also offer you lucrative warranties and maintenance that you could consider. Whatever you buy do keep in mind the idea of long-term planning.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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