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Make Your Own Website For Free – Simple Website Builder Tutorial

If you need to create a website for a certain purpose today, you don’t need to hire web designers and coders, wait days and after that no often feel any satisfaction with a result. Today you can use website builders and create beautiful and functional sites within a day (or even several hours).

All you need is to choose the existing layout, put your content in it and change the elements in the way you like. Nowadays builders are very intuitive and have all the necessary options for the successful interaction with users. Publishment would take several seconds. You can upload your project to builder’s or to your own server.

One more crucial point of the successful site is good design. Today’s builders have excellent design and a lot of templates with not only different images and fonts. They have different structures and would help to transfer the attitude and mood of the site properly.

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Make Your Own Website For Free

8b Simple Website Builder

So, it’s an obvious conclusion that the best way to build a beautiful and functional website for a person with no coding skills is a Simple Website Builder. It would be useful for designers and coders either though as you would have an opportunity ayo bring the necessary changes to design and code. It would help you to build your own site on the basis of Drag and Drop Website Builder.

8b Online Website Builder is a very good decision for your future site. 8b has several advantages in front of other web builders. It’s totally free and it works online so you wouldn’t have to install the desktop version directly to your PC. Also, you don’t need to cope with any installation issues, which might occur. 8b would suit you perfectly if you don’t know anything about coding and don’t need to create some project with a difficult structure.

Make Your Own Website With 8b

Get started

To create a site with 8b is super easy. First of all, you need to register. All you need is to open the official page of 8b. Then you would have the possibility to click on Select here or Create Free Website. The first variant would help you to choose the theme (agency, Company, Event, Hotel, Lawyer, Portfolio and so on), with which you want to work.

After that, you would need to click in the field of Site Name and name your future project. Then all fulfillments you have done, you can see the appearing button “Create site”. Then you would be transferred to the registration page, where you can use your google or facebook account.

After that, you would see the existing template, which you can change in the way you like. The second way to register is (when you’re on the main page of 8b), you can click on Create Free Website button in the upper right corner.

Create an account

Then, you would have an opportunity to register with your accounts either.

When you’ve registered, you can see the template. You can fulfill every section with the necessary information and change the images. And of course, you have the opportunity to change the layout and the presentation of different elements within the section.

Design your website

Also, you can add one more section if you need. To do that you need to click on the plus sign on the right side of the main content. That would help you to see the whole set of all the section, which you can use in your project. On the right side, you would see two columns. In the right one, you would see the list of all the existing sections and in the left one the variations of the sections, which you have chosen in the right column.

The number of variations is quite impressive. For example, you can count 20 versions of Gallery and Slider section. You can choose any of them by dragging to the project. After that, you can change the element of this section. To do that you need to click on the setting sign, named as “Customize Section”. It’s possible to see it in the right upper corner near the chosen section.

Then, on the right side you would see submenu again. Here you can change the layout too, in the case if you’ve changed your mind. If everything’s ok, you can click on the “Show All Settings” button.

There you would see the huge list of the options, which would help you to bring the changes to your elements. Among the main, I can name size, show/hide option, carousel, controls, and background. At the bottom, you can see “Remove” and “Drag Section”. The last one means that you can switch the location of your section lower or higher in the list of the blocks.

When you finished the design of your site, you obviously need to publish it. Nothing could be easier. 

Publish your website

You need to click on the hamburger menu in the right upper side of your project. In the appearing menu, you need to choose to Publish option. After that, the publishment would str automatically. Then you would see Congratulations message, where you can connect to your domain and submit the site for indexing by Google. You can choose both these options, or live the project in the current condition and click ok.

The benefits of the 8b Simple Website Builder are obvious. You can create a well designed, good-looking website with interaction opportunities for several hours or less without any knowledge in coding and design. It’s possible to change the elements setting (position, colors and so on). It’s necessary to mention that you can use free and stunning images in Free Online Library. You can fill the search field with the keyword of the image you need.

Then you would see all the appearing images in very good quality and resolution. Besides that, you can download the project, you’re creating to your PC and bring the necessary changes you need. Moreover, you can use Site Analytics for free in the Site Settings, change favicon and remove unused CSS. Please remember that 8b Online Website Builder is absolutely free of any charges. 


Considering all the information above, it’s obvious that 8b Simple Website Builder is a very good way to create your own good-looking website if you don’t know any coding or designing skills.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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