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Lymphatic Massages: Understanding the Trend

There is always a beauty trend that is covering the pages of magazines and clogging our newsfeeds on Instagram and TikTok. We start to know everything about these beauty trends passively, from the media and our peers. There is a lot of hype around the lymphatic drainage massage in Melbourne, which is a straightforward beauty treatment with incredible results. If you want to know a little bit more about this treatment and what it does for your face, here is a guide to understanding the trend.

Lymphatic Massages

What is a lymphatic drainage massage?

So what is a lymphatic drainage massage, as this is a word that we do not hear very often? A lymphatic drainage massage is a treatment of draining the body of excess body fluid through firm hand techniques and movements, with this matter being discarded from the face or body. The lymphatic system is part of the immune system, and massage is a natural way of gently encouraging the natural drainage of the lymph.

Is a lymphatic massage painful?

A considerable benefit to receiving a lymphatic massage is that it is not a painful and non-invasive treatment. So many treatments that change the way our body and face look and feel will usually be the result of a more complex and invasive treatment. In fact, booking in for a lymphatic massage may be a great beauty treatment to start with if you have never had a significant beauty treatment. The beauty therapist will apply firm pressure, but it is not painful at all and will feel more like a massage.

Who should consider a lymphatic drainage massage?

Just because this beauty treatment is popular and on-trend, does not mean that it is right for everyone. Lymphatic drainage massages are popular with women, but they are right for both men and women who are seeking to reduce some face puffiness. Our faces change constantly, and our appearance is influenced by our lifestyles, genes and the circulation happening below the skin. If you are someone who has tried lots of products and techniques to address your face puffiness, you may find success with a drainage massage as this excess body fluid is drained away from your face.

What are all the benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage?

There is more than just face puffiness that can be treated through a lymphatic drainage massage. If you identify with one or all of the below symptoms, then you may find that talking to a beauty therapist about this treatment will give you more information about the benefits. Here are common reasons for people to book a lymphatic drainage massage:

  • Control blood circulation and maintain the proper circulation
  • Reduce body fluid in an area of the face or body
  • Address immune infections
  • Improve overall health
  • Aiding digestion
  • Addressing metabolism issues
  • Calms inflammation and bloating

Daejeon is worth noting that a lot of these benefits are anecdotal and can be assessed visually, but there is limited research currently to measure the full impact and benefits of this popular beauty treatment. For sceptics out there, think of this as a face and body massage that stimulates blood circulation – any beauty benefits are a plus!

What to expect from a lymphatic drainage massage?

Another benefit to a lymphatic drainage massage is that you can see benefits and results after only one appointment, and there is no expectation that you have to book more than one in quick succession. There are varied reviews as to how long the results last, mainly because we all have different health issues and lifestyles. The appointment will take less than one hour, typically 45 minutes.

It is recommended that you keep up fluids after your appointment, as you are likely to develop a thirst throughout the massage. If you do not replace those lost fluids you may find you have a headache after the appointment, but this is the extent of the discomfort you can expect from this treatment.

Now you have all the details you require to make a decision about lymphatic drainage massages and whether they are right for you. If you have more questions or have an underlying health condition that may influence your decision to have face and body beauty treatments, discuss the massage with your General Practioner or your trusted beauty therapist.

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