LR44 Battery Replacement- Here Is A Full Guide For You!


Whenever you replace batteries of your flashlights, cars, gadgets, boats, etc. keep in mind that you replace the old batteries with fresh ones as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. This means that read manuals or instructions so that later you don’t face damages, or injuries caused by making use of the wrong batteries.  When you replace batteries make sure you check details such as battery type, dimensions, its chemistry, capacity, max. Pulse current, shelf life, etc.

how to put in lr44 batteries

LR44 Battery Replacement

LR44, SR44, AG13, 357, 303, LR1154, etc batteries are different names for small button cell battery which is commonly used in modern gadgets, watches, and different controllers. This post is a guide to LR44 battery equivalents, its chemistry, and performance. We will also compare LR44 and other batteries and we will see that which batteries are available as a replacement for the LR44.


  • If battery code began with L then it is alkaline coin cell
  • if the S is at the starting of battery code then it is silver oxide battery
  • if it starts with M or N then it is mercury oxide battery
  • if the code starts with P then it is potassium hydroxide electrolyte
  • if the code began with S the then it is sodium hydroxide electrolyte battery

Common chemistry for LR44/ AG13/ SR44/357/ SR44SW-

LR44 Battery Replacement

Mercury oxide– these batteries are not in use because of the presence of mercury in it, mercury is harmful to the environment so it is not in use.


These batteries have voltage a little lower than alkaline ones however the capacity is high ranging from 600-700mAh. These batteries make use of the oxygen and wet electrolyte- before the use, the tab is taken out and the air goes into the battery. But, when electrolyte gets dry battery becomes dead even when it has not been depleted by the use. Price of the battery is affordable and not higher than LR44 or SR44.

LR44, SR44, AG13, 357, 303, LR1154, etc batteries have diameter 11.6 mm and height 5.4 mm. Nominal voltage offered by this battery is 1.5 V and the capacity of the battery varies from one manufacturer to other. Different batteries have different chemistry means that voltage and capacity of the different battery differ greatly.

Capacity for alkaline batteries like LR44 is 110-130 mAh while for silver oxide battery it is 150-200 mAh and for mercury oxide, it is ~200 mAh. For alkaline batteries, the voltage drops while using, but silver oxide batteries constant voltage, mercury oxide offers little lower voltage and it is used no more.

You need to note that the capacity of the battery will be dependent on the cutoff voltage and it is often device-dependent.  LR44 batteries are alkaline batteries with common equivalent batteries- G13, L1154, AG13, LR1154, A76, 157, etc. These batteries are replaced often with the silver oxide batteries and LR44 battery equivalent are SR44W, SR44, 357, SB-B9, SR44SW, etc. In watches and other devices, silver oxide batteries are often used. To clear confusion you need to note that most of the manufacturers list LR44, SR44, AG13 and 357 on battery packages- these are various batteries chemistries. So, if the package list an alkaline label this means that batteries are alkaline only.

Alkaline LR44 and Silver Oxide SR44 comparison-

There are some necessary differences between LR44 and SR44 which you need to understand-

  • Nominal voltage for the alkaline batteries are 1.5V while it is 1.55 V for silver oxide
  • With time the voltage drops in the alkaline batteries while in the silver oxide there is constant voltage while you make use of it, there is a sharp drop in voltage only when they are fully discharged
  • Battery capacity for LR44 is 110mAh and for SR44 it is 165-170mAh
  • LR44 batteries are cheap as compared to silver oxide batteries
  • Shelf life for the silver oxide battery is more as compared to alkaline battery however the new LR44 battery comes with a shelf life longer.

If we compare that which among the two is better then results are-

  • For general purpose use and toys, the best option is LR44 as they are cheap.
  • For applications like use in electronic devices the battery which is best is SR44.

This is because some devices do not work properly when powered with voltage less than the threshold voltage as in alkaline battery voltage quickly drops hence using silver oxide is better. Thus, LR44 battery can be replaced with SR44W, SR44, 357, 303, etc.

LR44 battery replacement-

LR44 Battery Replacement

LR44/ SR44SW/ SR44 batteries are used as a replacement not just for button 11.6×5.4 mm coin cell, it can be used to replace large batteries.

Lithium non-rechargeable CR1/3N or CR11108 batteries feature nominal voltage 3.0 as well as capacity 160-170mAh range. The diameter of these batteries is 11.6 mm and height 10.8 mm which is identical to the two LR44/SR44SW/SR44 batteries stacked one upon other. CR1/3N or CR11108 batteries can be used in the calculators, cameras, dog collars, PDAs, gun sight, computer motherboards, etc. People often replace CR11108 battery with 2 lr44 battery in a device, making a battery pack having nominal voltage 3.1V and nominal capacity 150-200 mAh.

4LR44/ 4SR44 is a cylindrical battery, its label describes its internal construction. These batteries are nothing but 4 LR44/SR22SW batteries stacked to make battery having nominal voltage 6 or 6.2 Volts. The capacity range for is 4LR44 battery from 110-150mAh and for 4SR44 battery from 150-200mAh. Dimensions for is 4LR44 or 4SR44is 25.2mm height and diameter 13mm. Some manufacturer offers their devices along with the plastic battery holder, enabling the use of these batteries.

We hope you understood all about the LR44 battery and the LR44 battery replacement. If you don’t understand about these terms and make use of any battery as the replacement of these batteries than you will face risk and injuries. Hence it is always better to check and compare the details of the battery and find out that which battery fits as a replacement for the other batteries.

Now after reading this guide you will never face issues when replacing batteries.


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