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Low Fee Dollar Cost Averaging Service Launches In New Zealand

Investing is a risky affair, especially to novices. To reduce the risk and possible loss, people usually use investment strategies. Dollar Cost Averaging is one of the most popular investment strategies, especially with people who don’t want to engage in market timing. In this technique, investors purchase a fixed dollar amount of an investment regularly, regardless of the price. That means you will buy more shares when prices are low and fewer shares when prices go up.

Low Fee Dollar Cost Averaging Service Launches In New Zealand

How Does it Work?

When working with dollar cost averaging services, you have to choose whether you want to make weekly or monthly contributions to your investment. Also, you will have to decide on the exact dollar amount you intend to invest. Then you can set up automatic payments from your bank for extra convenience. For example, with the Cryptosaver dollar cost averaging service, you can contribute anything between 20 and 200 dollars, and the money will automatically be transferred to your investment account on a regular basis. You cancheck it out here for a more detailed explanation.

Once you make your contribution, you will be able to track your investments in real time. The money you deposit will be converted to Bitcoin. As a low fee dollar cost averaging service, Cryptosaver charges you 3 percent. However, you should note that you will still have to pay the Bitcoin network fees. These charges are not steady and will change depending on the demand. The cryptocurrency is purchased in US dollars, and this is the first result you will get when you

Google the present value of the Bitcoin.

What Are the Advantages of the Dollar Cost Averaging Technique?

The dollar cost averaging technique does not guarantee that an investor will not lose money. However, it minimizes losses for new investors.

Here are some advantages of the investment method:

  • It eliminates the need to time the market. Novice investors will usually not know when to increase or reduce their investments. This method will allow them to engage in long-term investment without worrying about the market timing.
  • Investors can buy Bitcoins at a long-term average price

Who Should Consider Using the Dollar Cost Averaging Investment Technique?

This investment strategy is mainly intended for traders with lower risk tolerance. Also, if you are focused on long-term investment, this method will work perfectly. Investors who use the dollar cost averaging technique don’t have to worry about recessions or other drops in the market. Such dips only mean that they will be able to purchase more coins.

Also, the strategy is suitable for investors who don’t have a large sum of money to invest. That said, many people with huge investment capital end up choosing the dollar cost averaging technique voluntarily.

Low fee dollar cost averaging services are important to investors. In New Zealand and the UK, investors can use the Cryptosaver service to invest their money regularly and track their investments. With the dollar cost averaging technique, you will be able to invest in the long term without having to time the market.


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