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List of the Best Restaurant POS Systems in 2018

Are you looking for the best software for point of sale system to run your restaurant? Here are is a list of the best restaurant POS Systemsto pick in 2018.

#1. Harbortouch

Harbortouch is considered to be the best restaurant POS system that you can find at the market now. It could cover a wide range of choice from restaurants to beauty spa. There are many benefits that people can get from the software. In addition, it is also easy to operate the program. All you need to do is just apply for the programs offered. Once the application process is completed, you will soon receive equipment for the free POS. One of the nicest things about applying the software is that there is no need for you to pay for the upfront cost when using the free POS equipment provided. In addition, there is also a small monthly fee to cover the support and service that the customers could enjoy.

#2. Lavu

This software is specially designed for restaurants and bars on iPad devices. Lavu is created to eliminate problems often occur in restaurants include order confusion, vague sales data, lagging service, and much more. The software will allow the restaurant owner to have full controls over the running of their business.

#3. Square POS

This is another software in the list of the best restaurant POS systems. This POS solution is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. The software will help the users to handle multiple tasks in restaurants such as provide inventory status update reports, issues digital receipts, and manage payments. The program is also easy to navigate especially if you want to fill for tax. As a customer, you will get chargeback protection every month that reaches up to $250. In addition, the software offers transparency through flat rates for each transaction. In this way, the customers will know how much they have to pay from the start.

#4. TouchBistro

This is an iPad-based POS system that provides full and quick service business of any size. The software is compatible with the dynamics and processes occur in the restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, food trucks, as well as bakeries. TouchBistro also comes with tableside that allows employees to provide various services such as order taking, payment, showcasing the menu, and check out to the customers in more efficient ways.

#5. Toast POS

Toast POS is one of the best service providers of Android system that currently available in the market. The system is considered to be ideal the most for restaurant needs because of its affordability and flexibility of the Android structure. As it has been widely known that Android usually come with more options than iPad. In addition, the device also offers more customization and comes with faster software updates. The software makes it possible for you to enjoy a quick service. Moreover, there is also a configurable toolset provided for bars, nightclubs, chains, and pizzerias. There will be a huge community of Toast users where you can both get and share best practice tips in running your business.

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