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Likert Scale – What Is It And How To Use It For Your Surveys

Do you have plans to conduct a customer survey soon? How will you scale the level of customer satisfaction as revealed by your survey? This is where the Likert Scale comes in handy.

Defining Likert Scale

This Likert Scale is a tool used when it comes to customer surveys and for a good reason. This lets you accurately measure the feelings of visitors or customers towards your products, services, or brand.

Likert Scale - What Is It And How To Use It For Your Surveys

Rensis Likert, an American social scientist, developed this rating scale.

Instead of the use of simple and plain yes or no answers or open-ended questions, the Likert Scale functions as a 5 or 7-point scale asking users, visitors, or customers how they feel regarding your service, product, or brand as a whole.

The following are the set of responses that you can use:

  • Every Time, Almost Every Time, Neutral, Almost Never, Never
  • Highly Satisfied, Satisfied, Neutral, Dissatisfied, Highly Dissatisfied
  • Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Disagree nor Agree, Disagree, Strongly Agree

Users can choose their answers ranging from a certain extreme like “strongly disagree” or “extremely unlikely” to “strongly agree” or “extremely likely”. The Likert Scale also includes neutral midpoint such as “neither disagree nor agree”.

How to Create Surveys with Likert Scale

There are several simple steps you should follow when creating surveys using a Likert Scale.

                   1. Decide on your survey’s subject.

Start by identifying the survey’s focal point. For instance, a survey can be made to measure how satisfied your customers are with your offered products or customer support. Likert Scale can be used to measure the quality of your customer service or products.

                   2. Create a form by means of the Likert Scale.

Likert Scale examples include determining the ease of use of a mobile app or website. The Likert Scale can be used for measuring agreement. The first step is to identify the questions necessary to ask and the answers provided on the Likert Scale. Take note that no matter what your survey’s topic is, you can measure it in terms of feelings, experience, attitude, or opinion.

                  3. Form your questions for the Likert Scale.

After knowing the focus of your survey and how you plan to measure it, the next step is creating the questions for the Likert Scale.

                 4. Edit each questions.

There are several things to remember as far as questions are concerned.

  • Don’t ask questions that will make customers provide biased answers.
  • Avoid the use of industry-jargon. Instead, choose the clear and simple language that is easy to understand for your customers or a language they will use themselves.
  • Make sure all questions are specific and clear.
  • Avoid combining 2 or more questions in a single question since this can lead to customers’ confusion and make them wonder how to give the right answer.

                 5.  Set up the responses for your Likert Scale.

Once you have finished with your questions, it is time to set up the responses. You need to choose to use a 7-point, 6-point, or a 5-point scale and include a neutral midpoint.

The Likert Scale will help you get better results from your survey and let you determine how people feel about your products or service.

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