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Light up 5G, Entering the New Era of Mining

The development of mining

Many news networks have reported that the trend of large mining industry is very good in next few years. Therefore, the development of mining equipment such as fixed crusher and portable rock crusher in the next few years is unquestionable, and the country and many businesses are optimistic about this market.

Industrial development is inseparable from the development and exploitation of mineral resources. The struggle of mining labor and development of mining industry record the transformation in the history of world’s industry.

As early as in the Warring States Period of China, people had tried to establish the theory of prospecting mine, and summarized  distribution law and search method of mineral deposits in mining operations.

During the booming industrial revolution in modern times, the workers in the mining area often relied on self-made songs and stubbornly worked in the mines. They looked forward to safely going home every day to meet their wives and children.

Light up 5G

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the Internet , the new era of smart mines is really coming. With the accelerated pace of commercialization of 5G technology, a large number of related applications are also coming out, and 5G technology is also applied to unmanned mining equipment, which has gradually become a reality. Mine safety issues have always been a major concern of the world. Applying 5G technology to mines, developing unmanned mining equipment, and realizing unmanned mines can fundamentally avoid casualties. This has become a reality.

At the 13th China Henan International Investment and Trade Fair held in 2017, Henan Yueshou Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., Luomo Group and Huawei Company jointly announced that they have produced the first unmanned mining equipment applied with 5G technology in China, breaking the monopoly of foreign countries.

Light up 5G

Why cooperate and optimize LTE and 5G technologies?

In order to increase productivity, enhance safety and reduce costs, the demand for digitalization and automation of mining companies is growing. Remotely operate equipment in the control room and collect its performance data to optimize the equipment , resulting in a demand for reliable and high performance wireless connection.

The introduction of cellular technology and 5G is critical to achieving the full value of digital and automation, which will bring new business models and ecosystems to the telecommunications service providers in the mining market. Combining our expertise in interconnectivity with cutting-edge technology in China Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd can ensure the equipment operates stably and safely. This will increase its utilization and productivity, and reduce costs.

What advantages do LTE and 5G technologies have?

Compared to other wireless solutions, LTE and 5G solutions have the advantages of wider coverage , higher reliability and greater security, especially when multiple devices share information in the same area. This technology is available in both underground and open pit mines and has been tested on HXJQequipment. We will test further before officially providing this solution to our customers.

Light up 5G

Insiders pointed out that the “Internet+” strategy will bring a new wave of development to industrial products.  For the mining machinery industry that affects the lifeline of the national economy, how can it seize this opportunity to achieve transformation? In the mining machinery industry market, it is necessary to use “internet+”for industrial upgrading. The core of internet is to do the algorithm, that is, +5G, – useless information, ÷ traditional mode, × deeper integration.


“Internet+”it is the traditional mining machinery enterprises to open e-commerce mode, expand sales channels. HXJQCrusher adapts this kind of mode and develop rapidly in recent years. In the past ten years, the Internet has penetrated into the traditional industry. The daily consumer goods and service industries have benefited from the development of the Internet, and they have flourished in the capital market. Traditional mining machinery companies need to seize this opportunity to upgrade as soon as possible.

Light up 5G

-Useless information

In the era of information explosion, every individual can get a lot of information from the internet, which is mixed with a lot of spam. This information is not only useless, but also brings some trouble to netizens. It is the unshirkable responsibility of every enterprise to give the Internet “weight loss” and delete spam. For the mining machinery industry, the “Internet -” is to replace the inefficient links with more efficient links, minus the middlemen, and let consumers  talk to the mining machinery manufacturers directly.

*Deep fusion

The Internet is just a tool. Only when the tools are used can it provide its most value. Thus, on the basis of deconstructing the original model, traditional mining machinery enterprises should integrate the creative of the Internet and generate a new industrial model.

/Traditional mode

Faced with the market changes of consumers directly talking to manufacturers, traditional mining machinery enterprises need to deconstruct the original mode of the industry as soon as possible, re-evaluate the functions of each link, and lay a solid foundation for realizing Internet convergence.

Mining status

The crushing and grinding equipment are different from consumer goods. A crusher is tens of thousands at least or millions at most, and few customers dare to order directly on the Internet, so it’s difficult to real the “Internet+”.Hxjq Crusheras a vertical e-commerce platform for  crushing and grinding equipment industry, it adopts the operation mode of  online ordering and offline purchasing.

Use the “Internet +” to lay the cornerstone of industry and add sufficient power to the manufacturing power. The mining machinery industry needs to seize this opportunity to upgrade as soon as possible to help the industry.

With the advent of the 5G era, the country will invest in building more base stations, and the network infrastructure construction in remote areas will be greatly improved. At the same time, with the construction of low-orbit broadband communication satellite, even mines that are difficult to set up base stations can be covered by communication networks. Advances in these technologies will greatly promote the development of intelligent mines. Therefore, some experts believe that it is the best time for developing mining.

On the one hand, the market will gradually phase out mines with backward production capacity and old production methods. On the other hand, mines need to be upgraded intelligently to save costs, reduce waste and optimize production processes through intelligent construction. According to the data released by China University of Mining and Technology, a small and medium-sized gold mine, through the construction of smart mines in the past two years, reduced human cost savings by 12% of the total cost, and reduced the cost of intermediate links by using smart systems, saving about 21%.

Light up 5G

At the same time, the intelligent system reengineers the production process of mining , which allows the mine manufacturers to schedule intelligently and smelt automatically. Production efficiency increased by more than 50%, and one year of open source and export can create nearly 50 million profits.

Therefore, the smart mine is the future trend, and it is also the inevitable product of the arrival of the 5G era. It has been fully intelligent in all aspects of our lives, and telemedicine and smart transportation are at your fingertips. Industrial production has also moved from the digital age to the intelligent era. When electronic manufacturing factories and textile factories controlled by robots are constantly emerging, why not believe that intelligent mines will come soon?

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