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Life After GATE- Know What Career Opportunities Waiting

There is no second that every other individual waits for years to join a government sector company and work with the right package. If you are an engineering student having scored great marks in GATE, then you are certainly waiting to get into the arena of PSUs. Those who are preparing for GATE 2021, they should be well prepared for the great opportunities coming into their way. The examination offers students with enough scope in the job, research and fellowship.

GATE- Know What Career Opportunities

Similar to UPSC IES, students who have complete GATE and engineering courses can apply for a good package government job. This package motivates students preparing for the GATE exam.

Let us give a brief about life after the GATE and engineering-

Probation Period

The best part of working in PSU is the probation or training period. Also known as the honeymoon period, you will be introduced to various sections of the company and the working nature. Certain PSU companies also take trainees around the country from various locations. Furthermore, you are introduced to different perks and privileges PSUs offer alongside the regular salary.


The best thing about working in PSUs is the payout employees get. The salary may vary in different PSUs, but it also depends on the company and the position in which the individual is working. The pay package of the PSU ranges from Rs 8-10 lakhs pa, and it may grow more with the experience and the position. With a good salary, the candidate can fulfil all his/her wishes. Along with the regular salary, the employee also receives allowances, and this is the biggest benefit of working in PSUs.

Perks and Allowance

As mentioned above, working in PSU can bring with perks and allowance. Some of the necessary perks include- medical facility, house rent allowance, travel allowance, etc. You will be provided with complete details about the benefits and allowance during your joining period.


PSU companies have an excellent promotional hierarchy. Having a GATE score, experience and other skills, you can expect a good promotion in the company. Starting with the junior position, you will reach the top position. It also depends on the skill you have developed in the working space.

Social aspect and recognition

Imagine you are working in a top government company and have a backup of GATE score, and completed engineering from the top college. You are having a great time at work. The job will give good recognition in the society. Moreover, this achievement provides a sense of pride for the employee. People will honour you for your job and professional achievement.

Grooming your skills

One of the best things about working in PSUs is the encouragement in developing skills. During the work, you will not only be having your position growth, but will also be able to build skill. Once you complete your training, you are given a specific role along with certain responsibilities. In the long run, if your skill is valued and you get the promotion, you will be able to work as a manager. This post brings good salary and perks.

Future aspects

Employees who are sincere in work are given good bonus and promotions in the long run. One of the advantages of working in a PSU company is pension post-retirement. So your salary will be credited even after you are retired. However, there are cuts in the pension. It also depends on the position you last worked on.


If you are dreaming of a promising career in a government job, then you need patience and a good start. The best start for an engineering student is GATE. This entrance exam and be a gateway to a promising career. The path towards this success is not that difficult if you perform well in your career and focus on your goal. Once you are determined, then you can witness a growth in the job.

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