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License Required For Restaurant Business In India

A License and permits are basic requirement for any business in any part of india. Licenses and permits helps in running a business without any burden , hassle and it also signifies that business is runned by the owner or a entrepreneur in full compliance with the law. License and Permits certifies that business is runned legally and is following every rule that is laid down in laws governing the business.

License Required For Restaurant Business In India

When we talk about restaurant business in India, these license and Permits become very important and becomes unavoidable when you are running or starting a restaurant business.

As In India No food Business or food Business operator can run Restaurant business without license, business registration and permits. India has now become very strict in matters of sale of Food items in the country and no relaxation is given in rule and regulations related to food Industry .

So If you are already running or planning to start a restaurant business In India, you must make yourself aware of all the required licenses , business registration and permits so that you can avoid barriers and legal troubles that might occur in case you have avoided any legal compliance that is prescribed in law governing food products.

Below are all the License and Permits Required by Restaurant business In India

FSSAI License (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India License)

Fssai License Is the first and is a must have License for Restaurant Business In india.You need to acquire this license on the primary basis as without this license you cannot move further with opening or running Restaurant business. FSSAI Registration comes in form of a certificate that on top displays your 14 digit registration number which is to be displayed on Food Packaging, Invoice and bills that you will issue to customers, In restaurant advertisements and promotions and in the restaurant premises. Every Business who is selling Food Items and Products require FSSAI Registration and Fssai License on State And Central levels.

Trade license

Trade License is issued by municipal Corporation and Health department of the state, For Trade license you need to contact the municipal corporation and health department of your state. Its also called the Gumasta License in some state like Maharashtra. This License is necessary as it will denote that food products that you are selling will not affect health of general public. 

Liquor License

If You are planning to sell Liquor at your restaurant then you need to apply for liquor license with Local Excise Department of the state and you can acquire forms from the state government website.

Eating House License

For Eating house license you need to make a application to the licensing police commissioner of the city where your restaurant is located.

Shop and establishment act License

IT is  also a mandatory licensing for running restaurant business In India. You need to register for the shop Act License within 3o days of commencing your Restaurant . for Shop Act License you need to visit shop act license authority of your city or visit website of local authority to apply for shop act license.

GST Registration

GST registration Is Required by all the business that are indulging in Exchange of products and Services In india. You need to compulsorily get GST registration for your restaurant business. You can apply online on official website of GST  or you can take help of GST Consultant.

Environmental clearance

You need to get NOC From the Pollution board of city or state , and Noc form the Fire Department that will ensure that your restaurant has fire safety measures and You may also require lift clearance from the office of labor commissioner to ensure that the lift in restaurant premises is functioning properly and safe.

So Hope you like this guide on license required to starting a restaurant business in India. For the queries just mentioned in the comemnts.

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