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Legalities of De Facto Relationships

ByIn accordance with the Family Law Act, they must either have at least one child from the relationship OR have lived together as a defacto couple for at least two years to be accepted as a “de facto couple” and have certain legal rights equivalent to those of a married couple.

Legalities of De Facto Relationships

According to the Act, a de facto relationship is one in which the parties are living together as a legitimate domestic married couple, are not related to one another, and are not legally married. This article examines the situations in which an asset settlement after a brief, two- to five-year de facto relationship renders sense.

Legally speaking, a common-law relationship is a de facto relationship, which means that its existence must be proven in each case on its own, depending on the circumstances. A partner in a de facto relationship is entitled to a property settlement with consent orders, corresponding to the Family Law Act of 1975.

Separation and Divorce

Divorce Separation is a situation in which both you and your partner no longer share a home or a marriage-like relationship. This can be an extremely trying time for everyone concerned. To assist you in making choices regarding any aspect of the separation, including but not limited to divorce (the legal dissolution of a marriage), we provide practical, compassionate, and knowledgeable advice.

Property Settlement

You will likely need to arrange for the division of your assets and finances following your divorce. We can represent you in property cases or help you negotiate a split of assets.

Parenting Arrangements

We can help you apply for Parenting Orders, provide skilled advice, and support with Parenting Plans or Consent Orders, and represent you in court.

Consent Orders & Financial Agreements

Formalizing your agreement regarding property and/or children is not required, but it is advised that you do so by getting consent orders in the Family Court. In along with helping, you prepare and submit the consent order to the court, we can offer you advice on consent orders. Financial agreements, which are contracts between parties that specify how property will be divided in the case of a relationship breakdown, are another field in which we can help.

Stewart Family Law

We are aware of the delicate nature of family law cases and the significance of trust in the attorney-client change. To adjust each of our services to meet your needs, the Stewart Law Office makes an effort to give each case individual attention. To help you reach your goals and make the best decisions for you and your family, you need a compassionate and expert family law attorney.

From split to support for kids, child custody to changes, the Stewart Law Office will be by side with you each step of the way, to guarantee you have every detail you need to make a well-informed choice. We will do all that in our power to ensure that your needs are met no matter what. To understand how we may help, we take the time to completely understand our client’s unique circumstances before taking on a family law matter.


If you wish to keep the division of your money in the hands of the Australian Family Court or The federal Circuit Court and would like to protect your items in case the marriage ends, you might want to consider completing a binding Financial Agreement. This is especially important if one partner has an important advantage in resources over the other.

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