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Learn Node JS — The 3 Best Online Node.JS Courses

Excerpt: Node.JS is growing in popularity for a good reason. It’s a universal language used on web applications’ backend or front end. As a result, we have some great online courses to check out if you want to learn this powerful programming language.

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Node JS


The courses we’ve listed are all highly rated and will teach you everything you need about Node JS. With these courses, you’ll be able to create your web applications or help improve existing ones.

But first, let’s get you an overview of Node JS.

What is Node JS?

For starters, Node.js is basically a server-side platform that was made on top of the JavaScript Engine found in Google Chrome. Ryan Dahl is known to be the inventor of Node.js in 2009, and the most recent version of Node.js is v0.10.36.

Node.js is a runtime environment that is open source and cross-platform. It is used for the development of server-side applications and networking programs. JavaScript is the programming language used to create Node.js applications and may install the Node.js runtime environment on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

Developing web apps with Node.js is made much easier by the vast library of JavaScript modules provided by Node.js. This module streamlines the development process to a considerable degree. For Candidates who want to advance their career, Node.Js Online training is the best option

Node.js = Runtime Environment + JavaScript Library

Features of Node.JS

The following are some other essential characteristics that give Node.js its reputation as the platform of choice for software architects.

  • Asynchronous and Event Driven – All application programming interfaces (APIs) in the Node.js library is asynchronous, meaning they do not block. It implies that a Node. The js-based server will never pause and wait for another API to deliver data. Instead, after accessing an API, the server goes on to the next one, and a Node.js event-based notification system assists the server in receiving feedback from a previous API call.
  • Fast – The Node.js framework boasts speedy code execution because of its foundation on the V8 JavaScript Engine found in Google Chrome.
  • Single-threaded and scalable – Node.js employs a single-threaded paradigm with event looping and is very scalable. In contrast to typical servers, which produce a limited number of threads to process requests, the event mechanism enables the server to reply in a non-blocking manner and increases the server’s scalability. In addition, Node.js employs a single-threaded program, and in comparison, to conventional servers like Apache HTTP Server, that program can handle a far higher volume of requests.
  • Less Buffering – Applications using Node.js never buffer any data. These programs only output the data in sections.

The 3 Best Online Node.JS Courses

There is no denying that Node.js is one of the main reasons why JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. Initially, JavaScript was only thought of as a client-side scripting language. However, Node.js has altered that by enabling developers to use JavaScript to build dynamic web pages on the server. It is also considered the most well-liked JavaScript framework for full-stack developers.

One of the most significant advantages of using Node.js is that it makes it possible to construct a full-stack application using just the JavaScript programming language. And this is especially helpful for new businesses that put a lot of value on making changes quickly.

If you are new in the web development field intending to become a full-stack web developer, you should seriously consider learning Node.js as soon as possible.

You will be happy to know that there are a lot of high-quality Node.js materials accessible online, such as books, eBooks, and online courses, and you can use these resources to study Node.js on your own and at your speed. But once you have a basic understanding, I suggest you opt for an online course that will help you get to the advanced level with practical solutions.

Here is my selection of three top online courses to study Node.js, but before moving through the courses, let me explain what Node.js is and why you should learn it.

1. The third edition of the Complete Node.js Developer by Udemy

One of the most comprehensive courses on Node.js is this. It covers the foundations of Node before digging deep into excellent tools, including Express JS, Mongoose, and MongoDB.

In this course, you get a comprehensive learning of different aspects of Node.js including –

  • Completely refilmed for 3rd Edition
  • Building, testing, and launch of Node Applications
  • Storing data with Mongoose and MongoDB
  • A knowledge on how to create the Express web servers as well as APIs
  • Deployment of Node apps for production
  • Creation of real-time web applications with SocketIO

The course is designed for people who want to create Node.js applications. The course introduces Node.js and then covers the basics of Express, MongoDB, and React. The course also covers more advanced topics such as authentication, scalability, and deployment. The course is based on the latest version of Node.js and includes a lot of new content.

The primary purpose of this course is to turn you into a professional Node Developer capable of developing, testing, and deploying applications to real-world production.

2. Introduction to Node.js – Pluralsight

This course is designed to help beginners learn Node.js, a javascript runtime environment used for developing server-side applications. The course covers topics such as the background of Node.js, writing asynchronous code using callbacks and streams, modularizing applications with NPM and require(), and scaling web applications.

In addition, the course provides an overview of built-in Node.js APIs and key third-party modules. This course is taught by Samer Buna, a JavaScript expert and popular instructor on Pluralsight, which makes it an excellent choice for those looking to learn Node.js from scratch.

You will require a Pluralsight membership to access this course, costing you around $29 per month. However, I can assure you that this course is worth the money, and you will get access to around 7000+ online courses on different latest technologies.

There is an alternate way of getting this course by signing into a ten-day free trial with Pluralsight. For this option, you must register with Pluralsight and get 200 minutes to watch any of their courses.

3. Complete Node.js Developer in 2022: Zero to Mastery [ZTM ]

Another fantastic and complete course to learn Node.js online in 2022. This training was developed by none other than Andrei Negaoie, widely regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on web development.

Having taken his JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio course, I am a great admirer of his teaching approach, and the quality of his courses is not an exception.

This is one of the most up-to-date project-based courses to study Node.js in 2022. This training is geared toward maximizing productivity. You will never again have to waste time on tutorials that are hard to understand, outdated, or incomplete.

Instead, you will go beyond the fundamentals to learn how to build modern, professional applications utilizing the most recent version of Node so that you may become a Backend or Fullstack Developer.

This is also a project-based course where you will construct a gigantic NASA Space launch application using Node.js, Express Framework, RESTful APIs (including the SpaceX API), GraphQL, and more. It’s a vast, full-stack MERN stack project. If you are someone who is fond of building projects, then you will particularly find this course amazing.


Node JS is growing in popularity for a good reason. It’s a powerful language that can do a lot. If you want to learn Node JS, we have found the three best online courses. These courses will teach you the basics of Node JS and get you up and running with this popular programming language. Once you have completed one of these courses, you’ll be ready to build your applications with Node JS.


1. Can I learn Node JS in 3 days?

Node.js is unique because it uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, making it lightweight and efficient. Because of these features, Node.js has become increasingly popular among developers in recent years. While learning all the ins and outs of Node.js may take some time, it is possible to get the basics down within a few weeks. Once you grasp the fundamentals, you can build your full-stack web applications.

Is Node JS backend?

Can use Node.js on an application’s front and back end. On the backend, Node.js is used to create powerful middleware and APIs. On the front end, Node.js is used to build single-page applications and user interfaces. Node.js is also famous for its scalability and performance. In addition, Node.js has a much lower learning curve compared to other backend frameworks, making it a good choice for developers new to backend development.

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