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Leaflet Marketing Tips That You Can’t Afford to Miss

Marketing is one of the most critical tasks for any business. It can make or break a business in a matter of a few weeks. If you are a person who looks up to marketing with leaflets, you might encounter a number of different troubles. From designing a leaflet to the cost of leaflet distribution London, you need to consider a ton of things. While it may appear a simple task, making it effective is where you need to concentrate.

The leaflet distribution should not be all about creating leaflets and distributing it among the individuals. You need to give a good long hard thought to its procedure. From design to distribution, there should be a purpose that a leaflet fulfills.

Leaflet marketing approaches

There are several leaflet marketing approaches available to you when we discuss leaflets. Some of the common ones include the following:


Blanketing is about designing a leaflet and dropping it into the letterbox of all the individuals and buildings in the area that you specify. You need to be careful about selecting the postcode range as your target audience matters when you send leaflets.

Sharing the distribution

With sharing the distribution, you can combine the leaflet with some other material. The distribution approach is same as blanketing such as letterbox. However, you can distribute it on several other platforms such as newspapers and advertisements.

Product sampling

Another common approach to leaflet distribution is product sampling. Here, you need to select a product of your choice and combine the leaflets with it. Then, you may distribute it at a particular event or go for the letterbox approach where you can drop the sample and leaflet together.

Street marketing

When you take the quote for the price of leaflet distribution London, consider if the service providers can do street marketing. Here, you go to a particular street and start distributing the leaflets, connecting individuals with your business. Usually, street marketing happens around a university, a busy mall, and similar other places.

Distributing at an event

Another common way of marketing your leaflets is to distribute them in an event. If your company is organizing an event, you can do it there with ease. Else, you can sponsor an event and distribute your leaflets there. Even there are cases when companies go to an event and start distributing their flyers. However, we suggest you take permission from the administration.

Tips for preparing your leaflets

The design and preparation of your leaflets play a critical role in making the process effective. So, you must start by preparing high-quality leaflets. The goal here is to make it look worthy as people are likely to compare it with other material inside their letterbox. So, if the design is good and material is of high quality, it is likely to capture attention.

Then, you should not simply write down a message and distribute the leaflet. It is one of the biggest mistakes that even good companies make when they are distributing their leaflets. You should not simply write a message and spread it among individuals. Call upon them and motivate them to take action. Show them what you have got and then ask them to come to you.

Moreover, that offer and incentive are likely to motivate individuals to take action. For instance, the restaurant distributing the leaflets may offer a complimentary coffee. A product offering can come along with a 10% discount. These little tricks inspire individuals and increase the desire to take action.

And lastly, target the market where your product is likely to sell. It is what makes the leaflet distributors different from other companies. The distributors take charges for their services, but they can design an effective and impactful distribution strategy for you. So, the money you are going to invest is likely to be returned to you along with a handful profit.

Final words

So, these are a few things about leaflet distribution and designing that you must keep in your mind. Make sure that you reach the right group of people and don’t forget the call to action in your leaflet. Else, you may not receive any benefit from this marketing campaign.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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