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Lado Okhotnikov About the Future: How the Metaverse Will Change Our Life

Lado Okhotnikov - How the Metaverse Will Change Our Life

Today we have a unique opportunity to talk to a person who not only sees but also creates the future of the digital world. His views are beyond reality and the goal does not end with creating the best Metaverse in the world. Our hero is Lado Okhotnikov, a creative genius and the head of Meta Force who is convinced that the possibilities of the Metaverse are endless. Are you ready to find out what else lies behind his futuristic world?

Lado, as we know, you are a networker with experience. How does it help you in your work?

When it comes to creating marketing programs I believe that in order to succeed in the crypto industry it is necessary to take into account all the nuances and subtleties that have been and are in the MLM market. I know how to overcome difficulties and I know how to create matrix and referral programs that will be most effective for networkers.

I understand that it is important to have the right incentive for productive work and I know how to create conditions that promote growth and development. Thanks to my experience I was able to scale up several projects in different companies. Forsage which has become an international leader in its niche and Tianshi where I was able to create a team that worked completely independently are prime examples of this. And that’s not to mention the Galaxy Mate where I became the number one leader and managed to make a significant contribution to the success of the company.

Then how come that you did not stay in these companies since everything was so perfect there?

It was important for me to create a business in which I myself would be happy to take part as a networker. I understand that many company leaders are not always able to understand what exactly employees need and how to create conditions that will motivate them to develop. I overcame all difficulties, gathered like-minded people around me and this is an excellent example of how to make an MLM business attractive and profitable for everyone.

My history in the MLM market industry includes many creative undertakings and outstanding achievements. However, as with anything, it has its ups and downs. Every company I’ve worked for started out on a path to success with enthusiasm but over time the owners forgot the true value of their leaders skimping on fees and losing touch with the team. This made me leave them, however, this does not prevent me from continuing to create and develop in the industry in which I love working so much now.

Lado, you are strong in spirit because you are not afraid to leave first. Is there anything that can interfere with your development?

I share the philosophy of Taoism which is reflected today in libertarianism. I am close to the idea that every person should be free in his or her choice and not be subordinate to anyone without his or her consent.

Decentralization is exactly the freedom that cryptocurrency creators, including myself, are striving for. It helps to ensure that no one and no events can affect the development of the industry. With blockchain, everyone can create their own product, even if they don’t have a huge budget for it.

Well, you say that everyone can create their own product, that is, a cryptocurrency. But then how to protect yourself from scam since there have been a lot of projects recently about which nothing is known although people continue to invest in some of them.

Let’s imagine for a second that the crypto world is an impenetrable thicket where tigers are the founders of projects and investors are their prey. People who believe that a hunter will protect them may find themselves in a difficult position. This means that they blindly trust any project since at a subconscious level there is a belief that someone will take them under protection. Although before that they themselves did not conduct any research. So there is no need to hope that this “someone” will do their work instead of them.

You need to be vigilant yourself and open source will help in it. It is like a beacon in the dark, able to protect against malware and hidden traps. Many tools that are already on the market have already been audited by specialists who ensured their high protection level. However, you should not rely only on them because even they cannot guarantee 100% security.

When choosing an investment project you must be prepared for analytics. Otherwise you risk falling into a trap where your hard-earned money will disappear instantly like a mirage in the desert. And no one but you is responsible for such an outcome.

You are ready to release a revolutionary product to the market called Meta Force which you say will be scalable and will help businessmen look at their business differently. In this case how can you be sure that this is not a scam?

An entirely new Metaverse ecosystem is actively being built in Meta Force with a wide range of offerings and services for users. For example, as part of the Tactile project, we will develop a marketplace that will search for only the most exquisite and excellent products.

The main proof of reliability is the presence of open smart contracts, which you can analyze yourself. They give the user complete freedom of action, the user can deposit and withdraw money at any time, and no one will interfere with this. And technically, even if you really want to, nothing that is not covered by the terms, you can not do. That is what acts as a guarantor of honesty and transparency.

You said that you have already started developing the Metaverse. How will partners influence its content?

What matters to us is not the quantity but the quality of the Metaverse content and there are already partners involved in the development of games and other digital products that will be in extraordinary demand.

Now my efforts are focused on the implementation of the key elements of the Metaverse where users can purchase not only physical goods but also exclusive NFT objects, create their own avatars and use them for various purposes including building cities, houses and factories with us. We will also have interactive shows and games in special play areas where people will interact like in real life but at the same time they will additionally get the opportunities that virtual reality provides.

We connect reality and the virtual world creating an amazing environment for users. My goal is to establish the most advanced and scalable Metaverse in the world where everyone will experience new amazing sensations that are impossible to get in ordinary life.

Lado: Metaverse is not just a game

Lado has powerful charisma – he united a lot of people around him and gave them the motivation to move on. We are confident that he will open a Metaverse for us that will be the best in the world, with shows and games in special gaming areas where people can interact complementing the real world capabilities with the supernatural ones.

We talked with Lado Okhotnikov, a former member of the Forsage project and the founder of Meta Force. We are sure that his ideas and aspirations will lead to a revolutionary change in the environment, where reality and fantasy will merge into a single whole creating an incredible symbiosis of science and fiction.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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