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Is It Possible For Artificial Intelligence To Drive Education?

There’s plenty to talk about when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI), and it’s a sector that has been discussed at length throughout the world. It has been responsible for some of the most amazing inventions on the planet, but it has also raised questions on just how far developers intend to go with it. Before we know it, AI could be running the planet and humans will have little to do with anything.

Is It Possible For Artificial Intelligence To Drive Education

This upcoming week, the Bett education show is set to take to the stage in London to discuss various options that will make life in the classroom much easier for teachers and students. In years past, companies have come up with great innovations, such as the one by Microsoft which added a new indicator light to the back of computers being used by students. This allows teachers to take a quick glance up and see that all machines are powered up and connected.

That’s just one of the various ideas and innovations that are set to be announced and spoken of at the show in London, but could AI be spoken of in greater terms at the event? Where education is concerned, many people believe that it should be much more of a hands-on, direct experience for children to connect with their teachers. Is that really possible if the education is being provided by a robot, for example?

Younger Generations of Teachers Unprepared

The United Kingdom is such a diverse country now, that children are not only speaking various languages that they’re taught at home but are being exposed to a variety of different subjects outside of school. Can the younger generation of teachers really say that they’re prepared for a future with such children in their classrooms? The United Kingdom isn’t specifically known for its high-quality of teaching kids alternative languages aside from English.

Even online websites are being created with speakers of alternative languages in mind. For example, the Melbet sportsbook provides its platform in multiple languages, including Bulgarian, French, German and Romanian, amongst many others. Signing up to that site will allow you to place sports bets and you can even benefit from the MELbet bonus if you decide to become a bettor there. Yet, can UK teachers really say that they’re able to utilise websites and educational tools in alternative languages?

Artificial Intelligence could assist with such, providing the necessary education to students who are looking to learn different languages or subjects that aren’t specifically taught in UK schools. Yet, could that push human teachers out of the door for good? The trick is to find a balance between the utilisation of AI combined with human teaching, and it is this which should be a prime focus of developers and the education sector. It’s exciting to think what sort of prospects AI has for educating the youth of the future, indeed. But not if it comes at the cost of the country’s teachers.

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