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IRCTC E-Wallet

Are you shuffling between windows to make an IRCTC railway inquiry for booking your railway ticket online? Well, in order to make it easy for the travelers to book tickets, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd (IRCTC) has started the eWallet scheme. This is an online eWallet scheme that allows users to deposit money in the IRCTC eWallet, well in advance and use it in future for booking train tickets. The eWallet has been launched as an attempt to make online ticket booking simple, easy, and hassle-free. It works as an additional payment option that can be used for avoiding the time-consuming payment procedure through payment gateways.


Features of eWallet

Here are some features of eWallet that makes it one of the best options on the list for making an online ticket booking.

  • To have an IRCTC eWallet, users don’t have to undergo any complicated procedures. They can simply provide their PAN or Aadhaar card for verifying and authenticating their account.
  • All IRCTC transactions and other details are well secured, as the eWallet account undergoes a strict online verification process. The wallet is password or PIN protected, and every time users want to make a booking, they will be required to enter the password or PIN.
  • A separate link is provided for viewing the transaction history and this link can also be used for changing the password.
  • If a user wants to cancel a ticket, the refund will be credited back to the IRCTC eWallet and this process takes one business day. Unlike other options, users don’t need to wait for 4-5 days for their payments to get credited into their bank account. The funds will be credited sooner and will be secured in the eWallet.

Advantages of eWallet

Like other web wallets, IRCTC’s eWallet also offers many advantages.

  • Ticket booking becomes easy
  • The transactions are secure
  • The eWallet evades payment gateway charges per transaction
  • It eradicates payment approval cycle
  • It saves a lot of time
  • Dependency on a single bank is reduced

In addition to these, the hassle-free ticket booking using the eWallet is sure to encourage ticket booking online, as people will be allowed to book tickets even when the bank’s website goes offline. Undoubtedly, more and more people would prefer to make an online booking, rather than standing in long queues at the railway platform or juggling between their gadgets for waiting the payment gateways to finish the payment process for booking the ticket.

Depositing Money in eWallet

Depositing Money in eWallet is very easy and can be done in 3 easy steps.

  • Login to your IRCTC eWallet account with the registered username and password
  • Click on the ‘IRCTC eWallet Deposit’ option and enter the amount that you wish to add to your eWallet
  • Choose the payment method from the list and make the payment. Once the payment is done, the funds are reflected in your eWallet.

Isn’t the easy? IRCTC keeps introducing new technologies and regulations from time to time, so as to increase the quality of Indian railway system. TatkalForSure brings you all these IRCTC features at your fingertips through its android app and browser plugin. So, whether you want to book a Tatkal ticket or you just want to make an enquiry, TatkalForSure is sure to simplify your experience.

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