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Iphone Down! 3 Important Tips to Remember When Seeking to Repair Your Iphone

Repair Your Iphone

Ever since the IPhone made its debut into the world stage in 2007,it has been a fairy tale run in sales and profitability for Apple, the company.

Lifewire reports that by June 2008, the company had sold 3.7 million sets.

This pales in comparison when you consider that by June 2016, 1 billion handsets (Yes, a billion!) had been sold cumulatively since the iPhone was first launched.

The company is known for its innovations. The iPhone has undergone various improvements with the company sometimes launching even three version in one year.

The following are the different IPhone models chronologically:

  • IPhone 1 – This initial offering was a GSM phone.
  • IPhone 3G – This set supported the 3G network.
  • IPhone 3GS – Basically generation 2but with better hardware.
  • IPhone 4 – Introduced the front facing camera, better display and a chassis made with metal.
  • IPhone 4S – Siri, the voice assistant came with this version and there was improvement on the hardware as well.
  • IPhone 5 – This had a taller display and came with the lightning computer bus and power connector.
  • IPhone 5S – This incorporated a fingerprint reader and improved hardware.
  • IPhone 5C – This was a cheaper version of the Iphone 5 and it had plastic casings with different colours instead of the conventional casing made from metal.
  • IPhone 6 – Bigger models with upto 5.5-inch display screens.
  • IPhone 6S – This model came with a lot of hardware improvements.
  • IPhone 7 – This model came out with resistance to water, better graphics and better systems.
  • IPhone 7S – An improved version of the Iphone 7 which had dual setup for back cameras, no head jack but more colour options
  • IPhone8/Iphoneqa8S – 2017 models with better screens and cameras. These models also have a glass back.
  • IPhone X – A model that came out with the Iphone 8 set. It has no home button but has better camera features and a facial recognition system.

IPhone’s phenomenal growth has also spawned a formidable business in the cell phone sales and repair.

Here is a quick guide on what to do when your iPhone breaks:

  • Check online if it is something that you can fix yourself – Most likely someone else has undergone the same trouble and sought solutions. Most online stores also have some trouble shooting guides that you can check to see if you can fix your problem.
  • If the trouble shooting is of no help or you just don’t have time, take your phone to a reputable and if possible branded repair outlet, for example, fix your iphone at Cell Phone City Repair if you are within Fort Wayne, IN. Otherwise your iPhone may end up more damaged than before.
  • Nowadays there is cell phone insurance, so ensure you take a policy for your iphone to save yourself some trouble in case you lose your phone or it gets damaged.
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