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Inspirational Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate The Next Year

Everyone knows that trends in fashion always come back. The same goes for graphic design. 2021 will probably surprise any graphic designer out there, considering the unexpected requirements of people in terms of visuals. Graphic design services in Vancouver create a brand image or logo to convey a consistent and unified look so that your customers can identify with you. Business identity items keep your company name and brand image in the forefront of your customers’ minds. As in many other industries such as architecture and interior design, minimalism is no longer that sought after. People started to orient themselves towards something that is worthy of their attention – maximalism. If 2018 and the past years were all about keeping designs flat, 2019 is going to start strong with modernized graphics and updated looks. Here are the trends you should keep an eye on during 2019:

Inspirational Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate The Next Year

Logos change entirely

Logos won’t look the same anymore. New trends slowly shift into the world of graphic design. The first thing that graphic designer should keep in mind is related to variability. Designs have to appear beautiful and responsive on all sorts of devices. The multiplicity of platforms that people use to visit websites is restrictive from one single point of view – you need to make sure that the logo you create translates from one platform to another.

Using new-age geometry is also in the attention of graphic designers. Even though this could mean going back to minimal, logos that contain geometric compositions will be appreciated because they are not similar to what designers used to create a while ago. Layering shapes and bolder lines, as well as giving the logo a personal feel will be the trends of the year in terms of logos. Keep an eye on perspective logos and using negative space.

Gradients are definitely back

Remember when everyone started hating gradients? That’s no longer a rule. Gradients will slowly make a comeback in 2019. The gradient move started in 1995 and it was used abusively at the time. In the ’90s, gradients were not missing from any piece of graphic design. Now, the gradient move suffers a rebranding, which means that graphic designers can start focusing on it once again.

Because the period between 2014 and 2016 was based on flat colors only (the move limited possibilities tremendously), graphic designers took advantage of the changes that happened after that and brought saturated hues and exotic colors into the picture. Gradients are no longer based on flat colors, and creativity can be unleashed with duotones. Remember that the color of the year 2018 was ultraviolet. Expect something similar for 2019.

Inspirational Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate The Next Year

Say goodbye to flat designs

The flat color theory was dethroned, and the next trend that’s going to disappear during the next year is represented by flat designs. The in-depth design is back and it influences branding in all companies. Colossal companies such as Google or YouTube flattened their logo designs and the overall designs of their brand in the past few years, but chances are they will start adding depth to their image. Using perspective to add depth to designs is going to be the trend of 2019. Casting shadows is the technique you will want to master as a graphic designer in the few next years from now on. Using bevels and embosses, along with the aforementioned gradients to brighten up surfaces and accentuate details will be in charge. The degree of contrast used in designs will modify as well, to make cast shadows appear darker and highlights appear lighter. Even though graphic designers were quite happy

’80s and 90’s all over again

The patterns and design styles that were popular in the ’90s will be in the center of attention in 2019. Just as fashion does, graphic design seems to make good use of previous trends and turn them into something entirely new and innovative. On-trend designs that are now used are inspired from popular 80’s and 90’s designs. The trends re-emerge and surface once again, making graphic designers to use bolder colors, neon nuances, playful fonts and so on. All graphic designers should be prepared to say goodbye to nude nuances and opt for eye-popping colors instead. The change is going to be visible and drastic, but everyone has to accept the new trend and mold their designs to fit them.

Typography changes

Typography can express emotions if used right. The trends changed in terms of fonts too. If the previous years were all about minimal fonts, 2019 will welcome loud fonts, messy fonts, and hand-lettering. Calligraphers should prepare for a busy year, as people might opt for original lettering instead of using computer-generated fonts. When building websites, using the right fonts can determine whether the visitors stay on the website or not. Typography has a much bigger influence than graphic designers think, so they should focus on this topic in the following year. The team at Xi Digital Corp. is ready to build websites based on the changes that the graphic design world suffered. All companies should do the same to adapt to the marketing requirements of the moment, especially in terms of typography and content formats.

Custom illustration plays the main role

No one wants to use generic illustration anymore. This is going to be quite difficult for graphic designers and illustrators, considering that everyone will start requiring custom illustration and design instead of other options. Custom illustration is deeply based on the preferences of the customer, leaving graphic designers with little to no room for using their own ideas and creativity. Some customers will offer graphic designers free hand, while others will set strict limitations for the final product, which might require more work from the illustrator.

Inspirational Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate The Next Year

Final thoughts

Trends will constantly change, so all you can do is get informed about what’s currently popular and what’s not. Graphic designers must stay creative and gather their inspiration from various sources. Visuals are the easiest way to captivate someone’s attention and when a culture is set, the situation is pretty difficult to alter. Going with the flow and adapting trends to your own needs should make things better. Older trends won’t disappear entirely either – you just have to make them pleasing for the eyes of the viewers.

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