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Innovative Steps You Can Use To Protect Your Business

Today, there are numerous threats to your business. You need to plan for these accordingly so that you can reduce the chances of your company falling prey to one of these threats. Fortunately, there are new steps, strategies, and tools you can use to protect your business from harm. What are a few steps you should take to protect your business? Take a look at a few critical steps below, and reach out to a professional who can help you.

Innovative Steps You Can Use To Protect Your Business

Use the 3-2-1 Backup Rule for Your Data

The first thing you need to think about is how you are going to protect your data. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to protect your data from harm. For example, you should be using the 3-2-1 backup rule. You should back up your files regularly to protect them in case your information is lost. Furthermore, you need to think carefully about how you are backing up your files.

If you back up your files to the same network, a virus might destroy your original data and the backup copy. Therefore, make sure you have three copies of your data. Then, ensure you are storing them in two different formats to hedge your risk. Finally, make sure one of these copies is off-site, protecting it from certain types of cyber threats.

Invest in Two-Factor Authentication for Your Employees

You should also invest in two-factor authentication for your employees. This means that you should require your employees to use two different sets of credentials to access certain files. For example, they may use their username and password as one set of credentials. Then, you may want to use a text message link, a fingerprint, or even a retinal scan for your employees to access susceptible types of data.

The point of using this security measure is to protect your employees against phishing attacks. If they surrender their log-in credentials to someone trying to hack into your business, that other person will still need to get the other “factor” to access the data.

Use Automation Technology To Reduce the Number of People Present

If you are interested in protecting your business, you should also reduce the number of people in your building. The fewer moving parts you have, the less can go wrong with your company. One way you can reduce the number of people who are physically in your building is to use automation technology. You should explore software programs that can automate many of the tasks that your employees currently do by hand. This can save a lot of time and money while also reducing the risks your business faces.

Institute Temperature Checks for Your Employees

Today, you must invest in solid infection control measures as well. For example, you may want to use a temperature indicator that can quickly check the temperatures of your employees as they walk in. If your employee has a fever, this does not necessarily mean they have contracted a severe infection; however, it means that their body responds to something. They need to see a doctor to get checked out. You may also want to use masks, hand sanitizer stations, and social distancing to reduce the chances of someone getting sick in your workplace.

Do Not Forget About Severe Weather

Finally, it would help if you also thought about how your business is going to deal with severe weather. Certain types of weather phenomena, including hurricanes, are becoming more common. Tornadoes and blizzards might become more common as well. Therefore, you have to make sure your business is protected against severe weather events. Do you have the right type of insurance policy in place? Does your business work in a strong enough structure to stand up to these types of weather events? You may want to revisit your severe weather policy to make sure your business is protected.

Protect Your Business with These Steps

Today, it is more important than ever before to protect your business. Because of the current health and safety situation, many risks that your business deals with regularly have been magnified. We live in an unprecedented situation, so there is nothing wrong with reaching out to ask for help. If you have concerns about how your business will navigate the current environment, you should reach out to a team of experts who can help you. That way, you can anticipate a lot of these pitfalls now and plan for them accordingly.

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