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Innovative Smartphone Features to Redefine User Expectations

As smartphone consumers search for the latest iPhone deals, they reflect on the features they expect from their new devices. According to Pew Research, smartphone use continues to grow as many Americans rely on their phone in every aspect of their life.

Latest Features Redefine Expectations

Every time a major smartphone brand releases a new phone, they introduce new features. Some feel like gimmicks, some are small improvements, but others change user’s expectations. Here are three improved features that seem basic, but they are changing consumer’s expectations:

Edge to Edge Display Screen

In fact, Nielsen, a company that tracks consumer habits and trends, discovered that more adults (ages 18 – 45) watch YouTube between 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. than any other television network. Some who are not watching YouTube stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or one of the myriad of streaming video entertainment.

All that viewing means that the smartphone is also a mini television. Consumer demand spurred the race for better phone displays and for an edge to edge display screen.

Pioneering Development: The concept phone Xiaomi Mi MIX introduced its own curved bezel, edge to edge display screen. Rumor has it that the upcoming iPhone 8 will feature an edge to edge display screen as well.

Convenient Security Features Like Facial Recognition

Consumers are increasingly aware of security risks on their computers thanks to recent news about phishing scams, ransomware and hacking. But what about smartphone security?

Smartphones contain the user’s contact information, fitness and medical details, financial information and other sensitive data touching every aspect of their lives. Yet according to the Pew Research Center, 28 percent of users do not even password protect their lock screen. Many also use apps without passwords, fail to make operating system updates, and do important tasks like banking on public Wi-Fi at their local coffee shop.

Today, developers roll out new, convenient security features like fingerprint scanning to make it easier for users to secure their smartphone. Facial recognition is the next step.

Pioneering Development: In 2011, the Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus included facial recognition unlock capability. Apple plans to include facial recognition in the iPhone 8.

Better Camera with Creative Features

Dual rear lenses offer a range of creative and technical options for smartphone users. The image quality does not yet beat a high-end digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera. However, the inclusion of two lenses and additional processing power allow for effects one previously found in full-sized cameras.

The iPhone 7 Plus features a dual camera to offer improved zoom, wide angle capabilities. This is just one of many camera features found in some models of the iPhone 7. Currently, consumers can find iPhone 7 deals if they want to upgrade.

Wired magazine reports that the improved camera performance found in the iPhone 7 is not just about the lens. Lenses are important, but they are only as good as the phone’s sensors and processors.

Pioneering Development: Several models of Android phones use dual rear lenses to expand their camera’s capability. Apple joined the trend and introduced their own dual cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus. With the iPhone 8 coming out later in the year, now is a great time to take advantage of iPhone deals to enjoy the groundbreaking camera features.

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