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India’s Top Retailer, CSD to Set Its Online Platform for Purchasing Goods

Defense canteens supplying goods at discounted price for the defense personnel from Air Force, Navy, and Army are going through a transformation.
CSD, at present, is witnessing an atypical censure with respect to alleged limitations being obligated on products. It not only seems to be escalating its depots but also intends to place the systems well organized and make sure its 1.2 Crore consumers receive the benefits of purchasing FMCG goods from the CSD retail canteen.

India’s biggest retail network, CSD reported a turnover of Rs 17,000 Crore in the financial year 2016–2017. CSD is also looking forward to collaborate with various companies to eliminate the inconvenience and time lag occurrences faced while procuring the white goods. The aim is to assure that the cardholders could get the latest and newly introduced white goods, which seems to be absent these days.

Air Vice-Marshal M Baladitya, the Chairman, the board of administration and general manager of CSD, expects to execute these plans by Diwali in the present year. He, while fore fronting this modification, stated that we want customers to buy the product the same day of its launch from URCs. In the present condition, the products are made obtainable with huge lag, which also extends to the year. Our main objective is to reduce the duration required for launching the new products. So from now, the meeting numbers will be increased by six times to clear the paths for new product launching. We are also in touch with some of the major FMCG companies such as Procter & Gamble and Hindustan Unilever to meet desired fulfillment ratio.

The present procurement process for white goods is operated with a huge lag effect and to strike out this delay, CSD is trying to work out with leading consumer goods manufacturers.

CSD intends to make sure that the required documents are sent out online and once the concerned depot receives an authority letter, the customers can procure the white goods from the nearby authorized dealer located anywhere in India. A majority of the white goods manufacturing companies have a broad network of dealer outlets in various towns and cities, which encompasses about 80% of the CSD base customer.

Baladitya also said, “We want to list the whole inventory of white goods on its CSD website. Consumers can opt for the goods they want to purchase, make payment online directly to the manufacturing company itself through Internet banking. We are in talks with many companies to enable the same process.”

Poonam Bhosale
Poonam Bhosale
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