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India’s First Convention Diesel-Electric Submarine “Kalvari”

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, on Thursday commissioned India’s first conventional submarine named INS Kalvari followed by five of her Scorpene sisters in the Indian Navy Force at Mumbai as a huge step for the defense of the country. It will be termed as the Red Letter Day for the Indian Navy as they are prolonging suffers from only 13 yet aging operational submarines with half of the number working on any immediate time of action.

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, French Ambassador to India Alexandre Ziegler, Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba and Prime Minister Narendra Modi graced the ceremony with their presences. The PM of India appreciated and thanked France for their “Strategic Joint Project” and stated the success of the submarine commission as the matter of proud for crores of Indians.

The role of these diesel and electric submarines will be to create a strong defense for the Indian Navy by blocking the enemy’s energy and trade routes while sinking their ships and creating an accurate attack with cruise missiles ranging longer or targeted lands. With the new submarine of 1,565-tonne Kalvari known as the tiger shark, the deadly deep sea predator has helped India overcome the worry of exhausting underwater combat arms force. Under Project-75, the submarine with its five sisters was completed under 23,652 Crore in collaboration with France at Mazagon Dock seen as the best example of “Make in India” initiative. The project inducted huge costs and time after an earnest contract with (DCNS) French shipbuilder on October in the year 2005.

India is still in need of maximum 6 nuclear and 18 diesel-electric submarine while 4 SSBN as a backup armed with ballistic long-range missiles that will help to safeguard the two focused front threats from Pakistan as well as China while attaining commendable nuclear defense.

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