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Ideas to Wear With Purple Hairs

Dyeing hair is not something rare these days. Nobody is surprised with ladies having bright red or almost white locks. However, there are still colors that look astonishing and unusual when seen on someone’s head, and purple is one of them.

But even though girls with purple hair look unusual and catch the eye, they often face the same issue, or we’d better say, problem. What color to wear with purple hair? And that refers not only to clothes but also to hair dyes, accessories, and even makeup!

So today we will try to figure out what colors and shades can create a good match with this noble and luxurious tint on your hair.

Color Options to wear with Purple hair

Let us have a look at the color options you can wear with purple hair. Also if you are trying out purple hair for the first time then make sure you invest in the right quality hair color, as if you don’t invest in the right one it can damage your hair as well.

1- Purple And Green

Purple And Green

This is a traditional color combination, very natural (since it reminds of purple aubergines with their green caps) and calm. Being contrasting colors, purple and green get together ideally creating a harmonious pair.

Besides, you can play with the shades of both colors creating either lighter or darker compositions to match your mood or the interior design purposes.

2- Blue And Purple

Blue And Purple

These two may seem an unusual pair but in fact, they create a harmonious and dreamy ensemble. Such a color combo is very calming and easy on the eye, cool and deeply relaxing. You can even add some green to make these colors look even better!

3- Purple And Mustard

Purple And Mustard

A very vivid and bright, this color combo creates a playful yet rather elegant and we would even say royal look! These two balance each other perfectly, especially if you will be using reddish-purple tones to keep both colors on the warmer side, besides, they will be suitable for almost anyone.

4- Purple And Gray

Purple And Gray

An elegant and exquisite combination of colors if you use neutral tones of gray. With these two, you will never miss! They create a cooling composition that looks posh and at the same time determined. No safe or boring tones! Moreover, this color combo will complement greens and whites ideally and some fashion-conscious men’s suggestions.

5- Purple, Pink, And Blue

Purple, Pink, And Blue

A very delicate and dreamy trio of colors. Some may say it looks rather childish and naive, but we would rather say these shades create a very calming and relaxing combination.

Best Purple Hair Color Outfit Ideas

What color dress to wear with purple hair? This is the question that bothers most of the girls whose heads are covered with the locks of this magnificent shade. Purple is considered to be a rather uneasy color to make it paired with other shades, this is why if you are not sufficiently knowledgeable in color theory, it can become rather complicated for you to pair purple with complementing shades.

However, we can suggest several win-win color combinations that include purple, and that can be used when you need to pick up clothes that will look great with your purple chevelure!

Best Purple Hair Color Outfit Ideas 

So, try to combine purple hair with clothes of yellow, golden, silver, and black colors. All whites will also be suitable in this case. But of course, never put that all together, otherwise, you will look like a parrot or a Christmas tree!

Also, purple goes well with some shades of green, for instance, olive green, and blue shades, too. Orange and neutral gray will also match your purple strands ideally creating a vivid (in the first case) and elegant contrast.

If you don’t mind looking sweet, try out such combos as purple and pink or purple and light blue. If that seems a bit too childish to you, you can dilute such color composition with white.

In addition, purple is perfect for creating unusual looks: mix it with a black and white striped jumper and mustard velvet skirt, or highlight your purple locks with an elegant emerald green dress. Experiment! Purple allows that surprisingly well!

What colors should you not wear with Purple hair?

Yes, purple on your hair is pretty versatile, as we have just figured out. And yes, it can create winning matches with quite a bunch of colors. Nevertheless, there are shades that are better to be avoided by all means if you don’t want to mess up your look!

What colors not to wear with purple hair? Let’s see what the prohibited variants that any fashionista must be aware of.

  1. Red is not the best variant since it creates a way too distinct contrast that looks dark.
  2. Other shades of purple, even though looking quite good together, can create a somewhat monotonous and depressing look that is better to be avoided.
  3. Brown and purple also don’t look quite well when being worn together.

But of course, these are all completely individual preferences. Some people can find a purple-and-red match an ideal solution for them whilst others will consider it too contrasting and dark.

Makeup with Purple hair

Makeup with Purple hair 

If it is more or less clear with clothes, choosing your makeup may become a true challenge! What makeup to wear with purple hair color? Since purple is a rather vivid color that is hard to not notice, picking the right makeup will be difficult work to do. However, there are several handy tips that might become useful for every girl:

  • Your makeup must be subtle and secondary to let the hair color stand out.
  • Avoid applying too much color to your face.
  • With the statement hair (and purple IS a statement color!), you need to wear the same type of makeup.
  • Use a monotone palette for your eyes, lips, and cheeks when applying makeup.
  • Pick something one. Highlight either your eyes or lips, but not both.
  • All that is applied onto your face’s skin must be perfectly blended.
  • Use eyeliner to highlight your eyes without using too many colors.
  • Use black mascara to define your eyes in a color-free way.


Do you still think that purple hair does not go with any color or dress combination? If you said yes, then you were wrong, as here we have discussed everything you need to know about wearing dresses with purple hair.


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