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How You Can Grow Your Revenue with Reseller Hosting?


Irrespective of what services or products you are involved in making business, you must have already felt the need for new innovations. Customers always tend to get attracted towards your business, if you prove your ability to convince them that you are different than any other businessmen in your field.

The same thing has been with the web-hosting. Never in the past was this practice been considered as one of the greatest source of income, and never was the hosting products given much attention. However, nowadays there has been such a massive change in this concept that almost fourteen percent of the bloggers have chosen web-hosting as their only source of income. But, to be profitable, you have to plan your tactics in a very technical way to put your reseller hosting business in the level that it deserves.

So, here we provide you with some tactics that you need to keep in your mind to grow your revenue using your reseller hosting business that would include your development, web designing, and consultancy.

  • Choosing the domain name
    You might be a successful web-hosting businessmen, but who wants to stop their success at a certain point if there are more possibilities of growing your business? You might have observed that some of the web-hosting developers tactically put a name of a product in their website and then advertise that they deliver hosting services. But, let us try to be a little different from others in this respect. With the existing brand name that you are online slots working with, you can add an extra flavour by registering a domain.This can be done by just adding the word hosting to your brand name. Many do worry about the cost of getting a domain registered to their brand name. But, we assure you that you can get registered for just about $12.95 per year.
  • Installing the WordPress and attaching a theme
    Whether you are a designer, consultant or a developer, you might be so busy while designing other’s clients, that you probably have no time left to design your own website. So, the easiest solution to your problem is that you can customize the existing theme of your website. You can easily get some of the flourishing themes by installing the WordPress.Now, if you are comfortable with your designed theme, then you should start planning your pricing details.
  • Planning the pricing details of your reseller hosting business
    Reseller hosting business can be a very high profile one or a one which you are trying to strengthen. But, in both the cases, the most important thing is to plan the pricing of your reseller business. You might, for example make plans like monthly or yearly or you might even categories them on the basis of the time and priority they need from your company. Each category can be priced according to you.For example, you might make a basic plan for $60 every month, a premium plan for $70 every month and an expert plan for $80 per month. You might even make an entry plan for $79.95 every month.
  • Making selection for package for your reseller hosting business
    Picking up tactically, packages for the clients of your reseller hosting business is one of the most important step in growing your business. Along with this you need to take care of the fact that your performance level is also kept quite high, so that more and more clients try to approach you and get associated with you.Even a few years back, this form of business were practiced by a very small group of people. A very small group of hosts came together to share a server and provide their customers with the services are products that they desire.With this, as their beginning, now after the technologies have increased manifold and now they are able to reach their clients effortlessly, this business of reseller hosting has grown drastically. And the obvious reason behind the growing status of this business, is the growing potential of this field to increase the revenue of hosts all over the world. The only condition that applies here is to act strategically.


After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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