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How You Can Cut Down On Administrative Work Whilst Increasing Business Productivity Using Online Timesheets

Administrative work takes up a lot of time and effort in any office space. Ranging from the type of business and the workforce involved, administrative work can be vastly time-consuming with higher chances of errors occurring. Now due toautomation that is sweeping every industry, online timesheets for recruitment agencies, such as ETZ Payments, have emerged which have streamlined the administrative activities and back-office work.

How You Can Cut Down On Administrative Work Whilst Increasing Business Productivity Using Online Timesheets

The submission of timesheets from employees have been made more efficient and accessible to everyone through the large acceptance system that has been integrated. Employees can now submit online, offline, scanned, faxed, photographed and even barcoded paper timesheets. The submission of timesheets is then automatically integrated into the system and calculations are made, which makes invoicing extremely easy. All calculations are built into the system, which can be easily integrated alongside already working accounting software that the company may have deployed. Using this, invoicing will be made simpler and more straightforward. With a click of a button, invoices can be generated quickly, accurately and efficiently, which streamlines the billing cycle and enables payment cycles.

Online timesheets can also be easily defined with rules that guide and control their submission. Also, candidate and contractor timesheets can be configured which can be submitted along with the number of hours worked, along with overtime and holidays. It also makes it easier for the contractor and employee to calculate the hours and overtime worked as the online timesheet will automaticallygenerate the billbased on the amount of hours logged.

For recruitment agencies that deal with a broader landscape and multiple locations, this can also mean dealing with different currencies. Fortunately, these online timesheets like ETZ payments are compatible with multiple currencies. The Foreign exchange is no longer a barrier when invoicing and submitting timesheets as they can be done quickly withina few clicks. Similarly, obtaining timesheets has been made substantially easier and traceable as they’re available online at all times and those that have not submitted their overdue timesheets, can easily be traced and reminded of their status. This leads to easier tracking and saves tons of time trying to reconcile the timesheets with their respective clients.

To conclude, timesheets speed up the cash flow and streamlines the payment process for recruitment agencies involved and creates an overall hassle-free and easy working environment. Admin work which may be found tedious can bemade more efficient and saves a lot ofmoney by making it automated, allowing your staff to work on other tasks rather than filling out timesheets manually.

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