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How to Write a Good College Admission Essay

In order to get admitted in a college, an applicant has to come across several types of tests. One of them is to write a College Admission essay. The admission committee in any college asks their applicants to write an admission essay on a topic like why they deserve a seat in the college, which motivated them to choose their course, how much they enjoy being educated and so on. The committee will pick out the applicants who wrote good essays. So, it is important to write quality essays which convey their message in nutshell. There are certain rules to be followed to produce a good essay.

Steps to Get a Paper at Writing Done


Focus is an important feature of a good essay. Sometimes the admission committee may give you topic to write the essay on. Those topics may be broad like what motivate you to join in the college, how you improved your personality etc. Even when you write an essay on such broad topics, your answer should be narrow and specific. Exaggeration and beating about the bush are able to spoil the purpose of your essay. You need to convey your message in a short and precise way.

Remember that the selectors are going to pick out a few from hundreds of essays. Therefore, there is a chance that your essay may not be fully read if its opening sentences are dull. Use creative and attractive sentences that should attain the attention f the readers. Avoid using age old phrases and most repeated clichés. If you write an essay for 300 words, the readers should not feel bored before completing to read those 300 words.

Be original

Your work should be genuine and original. You may browse the internet for sample essays or you may even seek the help of a professional writer. But always keep in mind that any f the sample essays or the writings of that writer should not be reproduced by you in your essay. The content you are writing in your essay should be honest. Do not stuff your essay with overwhelming poetic expressions and unnecessary exaggerations. When you write about your personality, write what you believe. But make sure you maintain a diplomatic and humble tone throughout your writing because a lethargic and careless language may be a reason for your essay to be rejected. When you complete your essay, don’t forget to proofread it to avoid grammatical and spelling errors.

You have to remember that your words in the Admission Essay are going to fetch the admission you always wanted. So, be careful and wise in choosing the words. A good college essay does more than getting you a college admission. One day, you may become a writer, a professor or a scientist. Then you can also post your College Admission essay in any of the websites and there will be millions of people to read your essay. So, understand the significance of this admission essay in your life and produce your best.

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