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How to Write a 5-Page Essay in One Day?

In higher education, students are often asked to prepare an essay in a short period of time. Students do not always understand how to write a lengthy paper quickly. We will give several recommendations on how to write essays really fast.

  1. Start early

It’s difficult, but start early. The sooner you start thinking about the topic of the essay, the more time you will have to collect material. When you start thinking about a question, the information seems to catch your eye. To act in a targeted manner, make a plan and formulate a preliminary set of questions. As you begin to study the material, you will have more specific questions, and you can already look for answers to them.

  1. Overcome the “fear of a blank slate”

Even the most experienced writer sometimes faces feelings of indecision and fear in the beginning. But, as they say, the main thing is not desire or skill: just start writing. No matter where you start, the main thing is to keep writing, and don’t even worry about style or spelling. Make a preliminary outline for the essay, and then move on to the format of the structure of your future paper.

  1. Write an introduction

The introduction should contain a thesis statement on the topic. This section also needs to list which aspects of the topic you will be looking at and why.

Remember that an essay is not a novel, so you only need to choose a few basic arguments to cover the topic. The introduction should be clear about what will be discussed next.

So, a good introduction should:

  • Demonstrate your intention to answer the question posed.
  • Show that you understand the topic.
  • Confirm that you have done some research and cite one of your sources.
  • Fully match the topic.
  1. Write the main body

The main body should explain each of the arguments using examples and facts. Information should be clearly divided logically (divide the essay into paragraphs). The main body of your essay should lead to a conclusion logically.

  1. Write a conclusion

Express personal views if they are supported by the arguments that you gave earlier. A good conclusion is:

  • Not just a summary. The conclusion should be a thoughtful closure for the essay, such as applying what was written to a real situation.
  • Quintessence, that is, a short list of the main ideas. It is worth referring to the introduction, but use different wording.
  • Perhaps a thought-provoking question, a vivid, showy image, or a quote, if appropriate.
  • A forecast of results or consequences, a possible solution, or a call to action, as an option.

However, there are points to avoid in the conclusion of an essay:

  • Coming up with completely new ideas. If they are really important, include them in the body.
  • Using a justifiable tone. Be confident in your statements.
  • Focusing too much on small details.
  • Refuting the validity of the previous arguments.
  1. List the sources you use and provide a bibliography

It can be tedious, but it’s important that you don’t neglect this part. You don’t want to be punished for plagiarism. Each university formats references differently, so be sure to ask your teacher how to format them correctly.

  1. Make the final touches

Make sure your essay has all required paragraphs and double spacing. Choose a simple, readable font. Add headers and footers for page numbers, as well as all other elements of the format style.

  1. Proofread and edit your essay

Once you have completely finished your essay, you are ready to proofread and edit it. Make sure that your writing is clear and understandable. Make sure the provided information is accurate, and check your grammar. Check the essay for spelling errors.

Knowing how to write your essay correctly plays no less of a role than learning how to do it quickly. After all, a good structure for the paper is the paramount element in essay writing. If you follow our tips, you will be able not only to write your essay in a day but to do it in the right way.

Raj Hirvate
Raj Hirvate
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