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How to Upgrade Your Ordinary PC into a Gaming Beast

So you have a computer system at your home and it is getting old. It’s showing signs of general wear and tear. Not only this, it is no longer suitable for your new ambitious plan of becoming a hardcore gamer and earning a name for yourself in the clan world.

If you bought a new home computer from a big-box store, it probably will not be able to handle most of the high-resolution graphic-intensive games you are looking to play.

Upgrade Your Ordinary PC into a Gaming Beast

“Now, you have several options. You can buy a new gaming computer. Some computers are even Internet-of-Things (IoT) ready such as the ones from Kontron. Or, you can upgrade individual parts of your computer to keep it up to par. Going with the former will save you a lot of hassle but it is true that it’s also going to be an expensive affair. On the other hand, upgrading your home computer to a gaming computer will not only save you dollars, it will also increase your knowledge and help you make better decisions in the future.

If you are a novice, here is a simple and effective guide for you to follow:

Familiarize Yourself with the Terminology

The first thing you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the terminology associated with gaming computers and the technology overall. This will save you a lot of trouble and also help you avoid choosing the wrong parts or parts with the wrong specs.

CPU – Central Processing Unit

CPU is like the brain of your computer, which does the heavy lifting. The speed is measured in GHz and it is recommended that you go for at least i5 if not an i7. Most games will tell you their requirements on the specs page and the kind of processor you need to run it smoothly. Pay attention to the details and you should be fine.

RAM – Random Access Memory

RAM is short term memory that stores data for a limited period of time until new data is written over it. So when you are playing your game, it will store data which the game requires in order to manipulate and run the game without any hiccups. RAM is measured in GB (gigabytes) and it is recommended you get at least 4 GB if not 8 GB.

Video Card – GPU

The video card is more commonly known as GPU or graphics card. Nowadays games come with an insane level of detail and graphics and you will need a powerful graphics card in order to handle the load. This is one of the most common upgrades that you will need to make.

Hard Drive

Your hard drive is where all the files are stored within folders and directories. It is also known as a long term memory unit, which is the opposite of RAM.

If you take a close look at the specifications of your desired game, you will see that the game clearly states the amount of free space it requires for installation. If you are planning to use your computer for games, movies and other forms of multimedia, then you can run into space issues very soon. It is recommended to go for at least 1TB (1,000 GB) of storage to future proof your computer.


PSU or the power supply unit is something that will supply power to your entire system and help it run without shutting itself down. If you are upgrading your whole computer, it is quite possible that you will also need to upgrade your PSU because the older one may not be fit enough to support and power the newer parts.

Sound Card

As the name suggest, it is the card that will help your computer send output to your speakers or headphones so you can listen to the sounds that are being generated by your game. Most likely you will not need to upgrade it. But you should notify your tech guy or take your computer over to the computer store or friend/professional that you normally contact in times of tech help. If you know a computer pro who is mobile and can come over to your home, all the better.


The motherboard is also known as mainboard and it is the main unit to which all the other units are connected, hence the name motherboard. You may or may not need to upgrade your motherboard if you already have a good gaming motherboard. But, If you want to overclock and want to get the best performance then you must have a good gaming motherboard. So, if you don’t have an idea read the motherboard buying guide. You can pick X470 chipset mobo for AMD and Z390 mobo for Intel.

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