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How to Take Flirting with your Partner to the Next Level

Flirting with your partner is a great way to keep the chemistry alive, but after a while, it can seem like you keep using the same lines over and over again! You are begging for some new smooth rizz lines to keep things going! If this sounds like your current relationship, don’t worry: many couples run into this same roadblock! Fortunately, like most things in the world of romance, you can overcome obstacles while working on your relationship at the same time (you’ll just have to think outside of the box a little bit!). Here are a few tried-and-true ways to level up your current flirting game!

Flirting with your Partner to the Next Level

Sext Smarter 

Although partners of any gender are likely to appreciate the effort, you’ll especially feel the appreciation if your partner is a male: spice up your daily flirtations by sending them a sexy text! At face value, this advice seems self-explanatory, but we’ll go a little bit more into what we mean. First things first: you need to protect yourself, so don’t send lewd or nude photos via normal text messages! Instead, use an app like Snapchat or Facebook Messenger Private Chat, which allows you to set a timer on your messages. This will prevent them from being saved, allowing you to send whatever naughty poses you want without needing to worry about the consequences later on!

Nudity is an obvious go-to when it comes to sexting, but the real way to drive your partner wild is with tasteful lewds. These work because they don’t show your partner everything; instead, they show most of “the goods”, but leave a little bit up to the imagination. If your partner has a long day at work then this is sure to drive them wild! A great strategy is to start fully clothed & work your way towards nudity (you can take all these photos at once if you’d like). This process will keep them engaged and eager for the next picture, with minimal effort on your part! 

Speak in Secret 

Most couples speak differently to each other in public than they do behind closed doors. Some things that you think might just not be appropriate to say to your significant other in a public setting, but if no one else can understand you, then you’re in the clear! Unless you and your partner are bilingual then this might seem impossible, but you can actually make a mini-language with your partner so that you can talk dirty in public! Since this is a couple’s activity, the “language” can be as simple as replacing the occasional word or as complex as an actual language: it’s entirely up to you two! Regardless, you’ll want to make sure that this “language” is nearly impossible for the casual passerby to figure out. Otherwise, you’re liable to get some weird looks next time you two go out, and not for the right reasons. There are some conversations that you just don’t want others to overhear! 

“Vibe” Together 

 Having sex in public is generally frowned upon, which is probably why discreet public play can be so hot! While technically not illegal, using items like vibrating panties is a great way to get naughty with your significant other in a public area. Vibrating panties allow one partner to stimulate the other without ever actually needing to physically touch them: depending on the device in question, you might not even need to be within eyesight either! The best vibrating panties can be great for any type of couple, whether you’re going for something hot & sexy or just want a way to make shopping a bit more entertaining. Remote-controlled toys are also great for interacting & flirting with your partner even if you’re apart for some time. Multiple companies have actually created sex toys that can be controlled over wifi, which means you don’t even need to be in the same building as your significant other to drive them wild! 

Tease & Torment 

If your partner has a fetish then you can use this as an easy (yet subtle) way to tease them. Specific fetishes will vary by person, but many of the more common ones like foot fetishes can be easily adapted to sexy roleplay! Even if you’re not using the fetish to create an entire scene, tiny changes in behavior can still have the desired effect(s). For example, if your partner loves feet, simply wearing more revealing footwear and mentioning how you need a foot rub could be enough to get them “in the mood”! 

Choose Wisely 

“Traditional” dates often involve going out to eat or to a movie, but often, these venues actually limit how much you can physically interact with your partner. Of course, you’ll want to avoid getting caught doing anything “indecent” since these actions can result in legal issues, but the key word here is “caught”. If you don’t get caught then you’ll be able to get physical without repercussions. Plus, it’s fun to get a bit naughty in public!

That said, you will need to be smart about where you decide to try to get physical, and the process begins with choosing the right venues. Poor options would be a well-lit restaurant or a packed movie theater: these are locations where you’re nearly guaranteed to get caught! Smarter options would be eating in the back of a poorly lit bar or visiting a drive-in movie since both of these options offer increased privacy with minimal scrutiny.


When it comes to effectively flirting with your partner, creativity is surely a necessity, especially as time goes on. Ultimately, learning your partner’s fetishes, turn-ons, and turn-offs will help you keep them interested for years to come. This road goes both ways, but the most important part of the process is accepting the fact that things need to change. Just like people, relationship dynamics change. By adapting alongside your relationship (rather than as a response to it), you can give your love life the best chance at success in the long term.

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