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How to Start Your Career in Digital Marketing – 7 Easy Steps for a Successful Career

Digital marketing is an elaborate field that is majorly associated with internet marketing. It is a medium where several services, businesses, and products are promoted, advertised, and sold with the help of the Internet. Since many industries and companies rely on digital marketing for their online growth, this is also one of the primary reasons digital marketing is growing rapidly. And this rapid growth is helping to create a great scope in digital marketing for many career opportunities.

Career in Digital Marketing

If you are also interested in making a career in digital marketing, this article will benefit you. Here, you will learn 7 easy steps to make a successful career in digital marketing. You will also learn everything from the basics to the advanced internet marketing required to make your career.

Before we move towards learning the 7 easy steps to make a successful career in digital marketing, let’s first understand digital marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a technical skill that helps to promote, advertise and sell products or services on the Internet. Digital Marketing is also named as modern marketing, online marketing, virtual marketing, or internet marketing. Hence, internet marketing is done on digital-based platforms like Search Engines, Social Media Apps, Videos, Games, or other digital media. Online marketing includes Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.

As you know what digital marketing is now, let’s learn about 7 steps to make a career in this field.

7 Steps for a Successful Career in Digital Marketing

7 easy steps for a successful career in digital marketing

1. Understanding the Digital Marketing Basics

The very first move to start your digital marketing career is to learn the basics of digital marketing.

The basic learning includes…

  1. Difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.
  2. Different ways of marketing. Such as Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Marketing, Email Marketing, Content marketing, etc.
  3. Platforms are in use right now.
  4. How to use digital marketing tools?
  5. Learn to work on the different channels and also learn about the technologies.

And to learn the above basics, you need to get admission into a digital marketing institute for an online or offline course. Moreover, an internet marketing course is a certification course. In this course, you will be taught digital skills from scratch to advanced, required for a successful career in an internet marketing career.

2. Start with your Own Website

Now when you are handy with the basics, it is time to have some practical works. Digital marketing is more a practical thing rather than a theoretical concept. You can not just promote any website, page, or product by mugging up the theory of SEO, paid marketing, or social media marketing. To get better at digital marketing, you need to apply all your theoretical knowledge on your website practically.

This means you have to create your own website where you can add some content and practice your theoretical learning there. Also, learn the methods to increase the organic traffic and improve the visibility of the same. Once you are done with practical work, you will gain the confidence to work for the official sites and companies.

3. Get a Real Internship

The further step to get deeper into your digital marketing career is to apply for internships or digital marketing training. Working in a well-established agency and providing marketing services will teach you the tactics to deal with the digital market. Having a real internship will help you to gain experience in the virtual platform. Later on, this experience will help you either get permanently placed in a company or start freelancing. But going for freelancing without knowledge or experience will be pretty tricky. Since you will not have specific ideas about the things that happen in the digital market. So, search for internships, or you can also refer your institute who can offer internships for sure.

4. Earn Industry Recognized Certificates

After completing the course and gaining experience in the field, you need to decide which area in digital marketing will be suitable for you. And based on that, prepare and earn the certificates as per your domain.

If you want to make your career in Google Ads/ Pay Per Click (PPC), you can acquire the necessary skills and certificates through Google Ads certifications. If you are good with analysis, then you can go with google analytics. Similarly, there are certifications for Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.

Moreover, certifications are a great way to prove your skills to your clients or the employers you’ll work for. These certificates are Internationally recognized certificates.

5. Stay Informed of New Updates and Keep Learning

The change is always constant in the marketing field. With time we can see the revolution in digital marketing. New changes and technologies are getting introduced to make marketing more convenient and more comprehensive. As a digital marketing professional, you need to keep yourself updated with new tools and technologies. Also, never stop learning new things. Make sure that you learn all the latest tools or any updated features of the previous tools. This learning attitude of yours will help you to explore digital marketing. Ultimately, you will apply the updated keys to your work for positive results.

6. Learn How to Use Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing is all about the usage of all the different tools appropriately. There is are many tools that will lead you to acknowledge the entire concept. There are several tools like Google ads, Google analytics, Google data studio, SEMrush, etc. You must learn all the possible tools to use the right one in the right place because one tool alone will not be sufficient to manage an entire site and its audience interaction. Alone knowing the audience interaction analysis will not be enough. You should also know how to make it interactive also.

7. Become a Marketing Expert

To be a successful digital marketer, you need to be an expert in a specific field, but also you need to be aware of other marketing fields. In brief, to ace digital marketing skills, you need to be “Jack of all Trades, or Master of One.”

Here you must be aware of many marketing tools to analyze and evaluate your work and measure your progress.

To be a marketing expert, you must be an expert in making strategies. You must know how to make a strategy to optimize a website, strategy for Google Adwords, strategy to handle social media, run ads on it, and many more. In Short, you need to be an expert in making strategies for all the digital marketing operations.

A Career in Digital Marketing

Career in digital marketing 1

After all the steps mentioned above, you can now start your career in digital marketing by getting a job. You can also start working as a freelancer based on your field knowledge and work experience.

Now, you need to make an interactive and updated CV/ Portfolio/ Resume. You must mention your internship experience and personal projects, such as the website you created and practiced on during your digital marketing course. Now, start submitting it to the companies and business that needs digital marketers.

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