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How to Start an Online Jewelry & Watch Shop in Just a Few Simple Steps

Establishing an online business has never been easier as it is now. Therefore if you are thinking to start an online jewelry business then it’s the correct time to act. Because of the internet, now establishing a website and running with tight budgets and minimum efforts is possible. In this article, we will discuss how we can start an online business of jewelry niche in simple steps.

Online Jewelry

If you are not familiar about how to establish an online presence then follow these useful steps. Some steps are given below that needs to be consider before opening an online store and some steps that needs to be consider after launching an online store. 

Points that needs to be consider before opening an online store 

Select a niche that you are interested in

To identify your business audiences it is important to pick proper business niche. By doing this you will get an idea of how to promote your services and how to employ tools, for example, social media. Ensure that the niche you choose is impressive and profitable for you. Ignore such niches that do not have the future scope or something that users will unable to reach you.

Choose your business model

You need to know about some business model when you are looking to start an online jewelry store. For example whether you are looking to be a wholesaler or a retailer. Wholesaler business would require huge budget and lots of contribution. Whereas with minimum efforts and low budget you can start retail online business.

Choose the name for your brand

The biggest task for starting an online jewelry store is to select a proper, suitable, and catchy name for your brand. According to your jewelry niche, your brand name should be impressive and recognizable.

Your business brand name should leave a positive impression and should be able to drive your customer’s attention. If your brand seems trusted and legal your customers will not take much time to decide or to experience your services and products. Take for example, they have managed to establish a reputable Jewelry and Watch shop where you can see all their products and services in one place – from watches, diamonds, and jewelry to services such as jewelry and watch repair.

Get your business online

Now its time to get your jewelry business online so that you can target people all around the world.

Steps are given below that will help you to start an effective online store without hiring professionals or developers.

  1. Choose Hosting

To showcase presence on the internet you need to purchase web hosting. It will make sure that your business website have a sufficient number of resources to keep running such as bandwidth, disk space, and server.

The cost of hosting services will differ as per the plan you choose. Some cheap web hosting is also there that you can choose. One of the best free hosting is OOOWebhost. You can visit their website to get their services. You just need to sign up and complete the registration process.

  1. Get Domain name

The address of your website is known as a domain name. Consider an example that people type on their browser when they want to access Facebook. We suggest having the name of your domain same as your business name. So that customers can find you very easily. Some hosting service provider also offers you a free domain.

  1. Select CMS

The content management system is also known as CMS. This software helps you to create and manage your website and its content. Which plugin, widgets, layouts, themes, etc you can use all depends on the CMS you choose.

From the number of CMS available on the internet, we will suggest you to choose WordPress. This is a free CMS that is highly customizable. This platform has a huge community. More than 28% of estore is created with WordPress plugins i.e. WooCommerce. WordPress is the best platform to start an online Jewelry store for beginners. WooCommerce plugin provides you a lot of feature. For example you can setup eCommerce functionality to your website in just one click.

  1. Choose a template and start customizing

Once you installed WordPress its time for customization. First of all, you will require to select the best template for your estore. You can choose Jewellery Shop WordPress theme from SKT Themes. They offer you some free and premium WordPress themes that will suit your business niche.

If you don’t want to mess with code then you can directly import the theme demo content to your WordPress dashboard and can start customizing it right away. You can also take the help of the SKT page builder to start the customizing process.

  1. Add functionality to make it eStore

If you want to add a feature on your website for allowing customizing to shop their choice online, you need to add the WooCommerce plugin available at in free of cost.

Steps to add WooCommerce plugin

  • Go to the wordpress dashboard
  • Click on plugins
  • Click on ‘add new’
  • Click on search plugins
  • Search for ‘woocommerce’
  • Now click on Install button and then activate it.

After this you will be asked to complete WooCommerce setup wizard. After completing some necessary steps you will be able to setup online store for your jewelry. After installing WooCommerce you don’t need to add payment gateway methods. It will be installed automatically. You can make your choice that which payment mode you want to use depending on your customers and their preferable methods.

Point that needs to be consider after launching your business online 

Drive traffic

All the points mentioned above focus on getting more customers and converting them to buyers. SEO is the process of optimizing your search results so that your customers can find you easily. Similar things are applicable for the eCommerce website. You need to make sure your customers are reachable to your business whenever they need for similar products that you sell through search engines.

Some methods to build SEO for your online shop

  • Create a simple website structure.
  • Make use of keywords.
  • Make sure to add a description of products.
  • The URL structure should be clear and short.
  • To every product image, proper ALT text should be provided.

Establishing website for store is an auspicious business. If you choose to get it one for you then you should follow these steps mentioned above.

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