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How to Sign a PDF on Mac Online for Free in 2021

When you have a business, it isn’t easy to spend time and money on signing paperwork. For that, electronic signatures gain popularity because of their benefits. Nowadays, electronic signatures have the same legal value as handwritten signatures. It is effective because it saves your precious time to do other productive work in your business.

How to Sign a PDF on Mac Online for Free

PDF is a document that cannot be editable, so it is important for legal documents and contracts. Therefore, you need an online tool to sign it; here are the top tools used to sign a PDF on Mac online for free.

Online Signature

For electronic signature, Online Signature is a free online tool. Signing with Online Signature is easy because you can create your signature using a mouse or trackpad. If you want to sign a PDF on Mac, you need to upload the PDF, then create your customized signature, place the electronic signature in PDF, add date and time, and then click on “finish.” You can easily download your signed PDF after completing these steps.

You can use your legal documents for signing through Online Signature because the system is secured, and all your documents and a customized signature will not be used by anyone. It allows you to sign the documents through Mac, but you need a good internet connection and web browser. Online Signature is an effective tool because all your documents and PDF will be removed after uploading for 1 hour.

If you want to save your precious time for productive work, you should use Online Signature because you can sign your file in a few minutes. Another effective reason is that you can invite 100 people to sign the document simultaneously electronically. Moreover, you can also show them the exact position where you need their signature.


CocoSign is an online signing tool on which a PDF document is signed on Mac. The tool provides you multiple options to upload the file, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box. It is easy to use because you need to upload a PDF, draw or type your signature and use it on the PDF. Another advantage is that you can share the link with other people to sign.

In the signing procedure, you have to drop or upload your PDF, open the file, click on the dialog box to sign the PDF, and click on “done” after placing an electronic signature. Moreover, if you want many people to sign the document simultaneously, CocoSign is the best tool for this purpose. It uses cloud-based software, so all your documents will save in “Cloud Storage Access.”

You may use a “time stamp” to sign the PDF electronically, so you can see the exact date and time when the PDF was signed. People prefer the use of CocoSign because it is convenient, cost-effective, secure, and safe. Due to security reasons, you can send your private and business documents through CocoSign to sign the document online.

Also, it is important because it saves the money that is spent on couriers when you need to send the signed document to other places. Due to the authenticity, you should prefer CocoSign for signing the legal documents instead of physical signing.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is a free online tool for signing PDF files with the help of an electronic signature. You can upload on Soda PDF from Google Drive, Device, or Dropbox, so you can easily sign PDF on Mac. In this process, you need to upload your PDF on Soda PDF, create your electronic signature, place the sign on the document and download it.

If you have to get a sign from your clients, you can add the signer’s details to the specific positions on your PDF, including your name and email address. The signer will receive an email and add the electronic signature to the PDF when you send this PDF. Once all people sign the document, you will receive an email related to completing the signing procedure.

Electronic signatures are used to sign important documents, so Soda PDF is a secured site to get signatures from all clients. Additionally, you can get the electronic signature on your PDF documents quickly with the help of Soda PDF. Also, your data, including your signature and file, will be secured in this tool.


DocFly is the easiest, simplest, and more convenient tool for signing a PDF file online. The main feature of DocFly is “PDF writer,” where you can sign your PDF. If you are using DocFly from your mac, you must upload your PDF through Dropbox or Google Drive. Click on “Edit PDF,” select “signature” to create your signature by typing or drawing, place the signature in the right position, and then download your signed document.

It allows you to make your own customized signature and control the quality of it. All documents uploaded on DocFly are secure in the system HTTPS so that you can use this tool for any file. Moreover, if you want to delete any file or signature, you can easily do this anytime.

You do not need to update this tool because it is a website where you can get the latest version of the software. In short, you can use DocFly to get the electronic signature on all kinds of business documents because it has legal validity.


By reading this article, you get the information about the tools to sign a PDF on Mac online. If you are looking for an effective tool for electronic signature, we recommend “OnlineSignature” for it.

OnlineSignature is the best online tool that has many helpful features to use while signing a PDF on Mac. This tool is cost-effective, secure, easy to use, and very simple in electronically signing PDF. You can sign your PDF quickly within a few minutes and share it with other people to get it signed.

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