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How To Secure Your Phone From Theft?

Theft is one of the biggest concerns for smartphone owners. And with smartphones getting expensive day by day, securing your phone is even more important. Besides, no matter how alert you are, thieves are always one step ahead of us.

How To Secure Your Phone From Theft

When your phone gets stolen, the loss extends more than just the device’s cost. A thief can steal important documents from your phone or even access your mobile wallets.

However, if you take preventive measures beforehand, thieves won’t stand a chance to steal your phone, let alone accessing your personal information.

Protect Your Phone from Thieves

1 – Set Screen Lock

This is your first line of defense from unwanted intruders. Set a strong screen lock (including a combination of letters, characters, and numbers). While most modern phones offer face and fingerprint locks, they are not as secure as you want them to be.

For instance, let’s suppose you’re sleeping, and someone steals your phone and unlocks it with your thumb. They can then remove your fingerprint and access the mobile effortlessly.

Therefore, it is crucial to set a difficult screen lock that people cannot guess easily. You can even consider locking your important apps (chat, net banking, and mobile wallets).

2 – Use Spy Phone

A mobile tracker like Spy Phone can help keep your mobile safe and secure. It has an in-built GPS tracking facility that lets you see where your phone is currently. Since it is placed on a map, you can quickly identify where your phone is right now.

Even if your phone gets stolen, you can check where it is right now via an iPad or PC. It also has a panic button and lost phone capability that, when clicked, generates a large sound and sends GPS location to your control panel.

Spy Phone has an Android app that you can download and safeguard your phone from theft and loss.

You can even set a backup contact number in case an honest person finds your phone. This will make it easier to find and contact you so you can get the phone back.

3 – Backup Photos and Videos

One of the biggest losses during phone theft is the loss of photos and videos. These photos and videos often carry our memories. Once lost, these memories can never be regained. Therefore, it is crucial to backup your photos and videos in real-time. You can set up automatic backup to Google Drive or iCloud to ensure your media are safe and can be accessed by you.

4 – Encrypt Data

While this sounds too much, but at these times, full-disk Encryption has become important. It ensures all your smartphone’s data is encrypted at all times and cannot be read without unlocking the phone.

The good news is almost every phone today offers an encryption option. Whether you use Android or iPhone, you can leverage Encryption by:

  • Going to Security on your phone.
  • Then click on Encryption and enter credentials to encrypt your phone.

5 – Keep Your Phone’s IMEI Number Safe

When you want to report your stolen phone, the first thing you will be asked is your phone’s IMEI number. Since every phone has a unique IMEI number (just like our fingerprints), it makes tracking easier, even if the thief has removed your SIM card.

You can get your IMEI number on your mobile bill or by dialing *#06# on your phone. Keep that number in a safe place so you can use it in case of theft. This will also help your mobile company lock your phone remotely.


While there are only a few things that you can do to protect your phone from being stolen, you can take several measures to secure your phone from unwanted access. It includes using a high-security pin, encrypting your data, and using app locks. However, with Spy Phone, you can track where your phone is, making it easier for authorities to track and nab the culprit.

Did we miss any of the great ways to secure your phone from theft? Let us know in the comments.

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