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How To Score 90% Marks In The Class 9 Maths Exam

Mathematics today is the foundation of everything we see around us starting from our home, the clothes we wear and from small shops to the furthest reaches of the world. Mathematics may be traced back to the ancient times when Archimedes was dubbed the “Father of Mathematics’ ‘ for his noteworthy mathematical and scientific innovations. At the beginning of the 6th century BC, the Ancient Greeks began the systematic study of mathematics as a topic in its own right with Pythagoreans, and around 300 BC, Euclid produced a book called “The Elements” which is the most famous and widely published mathematical work in history. The element is mostly concerned with the geometry proportion and number theory. Aryabhatta is India’s greatest mathematician. In fact, he was one of the first to be born in the era of the Guptas, that is during the rule of the Gupta dynasty in 475 CE in Kusumapura, Pataliputra. His contribution includes the astronomical computations and deductions which are part of his contributions. He also uncovered a number of astronomical puzzles. He also made a significant contribution to the approximation of Pi and the determination of the place of value.

How To Score 90% Marks In The Class 9 Maths Exam

As we come across Class 9, Mathematics serves as a study guide for board exams, ensuring that the pupils have a firm grasp on the materials before moving on to Class 10.  The CBSE class 9 syllabus also provides pupils with an overview of the type of questions that will be asked in the board exams. Class 9 Maths problems are the ideal option for any student studying for a Maths Olympiad or any other national or state level test.

What is the best way to study math in class 9?

It is a common misconception that mathematics is only for those who are intelligent and have a rational mind. This is completely false. Anyone can fall in love with mathematics and can even excel in it in a matter of days. Any student who invests time and preservation can succeed. Students have the opportunity to answer important questions by delivering a few mock tests so that students can examine the crucial questions for class 9 maths.  Mock exams are a tool that students can use to help them succeed and learn more till they reach the top. Class 9 maths is a fairly broad curriculum that takes a long time to complete. They can break the entire set into multiple portions to prepare for it and make studying easier for kids. Teachers also play a critical role in supporting students in resolving their most pressing concerns.

How to score 90% in class 9 Maths:

There is a question among the students and parents as to how to score 90% marks in class 9. The kids are getting lesser marks and they are stressed about how to score good marks. There are some important points where you can find ways to get 90% marks in Class 9.

  • Learn time management: Class 9 Maths has a larger syllabus compared to other subjects and completing the set of questions takes a lot of time and patience. Students can complete the curriculum on time and with full preparation by using time management and sticking to a rigid plan. Time management would help the students to write in the exams too because most of the students fail to complete the questions in the given time period. The more the student sticks to the management of time and rigid plan, the more is the chance of getting good marks in maths.
  • Understand your syllabus: Before beginning, the preparation students must familiarize themselves with the syllabus to learn more about the major chapters and the weightage allocated to each chapter so that it is easier to tell them apart and concentrate on the most significant ones. Also, they can make a distinction between the strong and the weak sections among them.
  • Daily practice: It is often said that “Practice makes a man perfect”. Maths is a difficult subject and kids rarely get enough practice. It necessitates daily practice whether of one or two topics, for at least three to four times over a course of time. This increases the likelihood of students getting good scores. The more the kid will practice, the more they will get to know about it and they will have a good grip on the subject.
  • Mock tests & sample papers: Mock tests help students to prepare themselves for the exam in a very effective manner. Mock tests can be done with a timer or without a timer, it is recommended that giving mock tests with a timer increase students’ chance of getting success. Practice papers can be used in daily practice without any timer so as to double the chances of getting good scores. The sample papers would help them to know what are the expected questions for the exam and if they succeed in solving them, the probability of getting good marks in the Class 9 exam would increase.
  • Solve the problems yourself: Students must be able to solve their problems themselves instead of seeking help from guides or experts, this would increase their chances of succeeding and becoming more expert at that particular topic. It would be like a cherry on the top if they turn out to be an expert on the topic.
  • Learn math tricks: Learn simple math tricks in order to pace up your speed. Learning math tricks would help to save time. For example, some students find it difficult to remember the seven numbers of Pi. Here’s how we can do it, “how I wish I could calculate Pi?” The numbers in each word indicate the number of Pi i.e., 3.141592.
  • Take expert help: Students can further reach out to experts for better understanding. It might not be possible for students to understand some topics, the students can take the help of experts who can make them understand the topic in an easier and simpler manner.
  • Gather study materials: RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 9 Maths Chapter 4 is a great resource.
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