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How To Resolve Your Ps4 Controller Charging Issues?

Getting some permanent errors with your ps4 controller while charging? Or the light doesn’t show up when you are plugging in with the charging point? Don’t worry, many ps4 users face this typical charging issue, and they keep reporting about ps4 controller not charging. This is exhausting if your new ps4 controller is showing up with the similar charging issue. Luckily, you can have a permanent solution to this if you follow this guideline.

Ps4 Controller Charging Issues

The troubleshoot problems are easily fixed, and the solutions are mentioned below:

  • Plug it into your laptop or PC to charge;
  • Reboot your PS4 controller;
  • Charge your PS4 controller upside down;
  • Check the charging cable of your PS4 controller;
  • Issues on charging port of your PS4 controller;
  • Replacing the batteries of your PS4 controller.

Solution 1

Plugging your Ps4 into the other devices:

Before replacing or buying, please check your PS4 plug because many times, it has been seen that ps4 controllers have trouble charging directly from the PS4. If you have a laptop or other device, you may check whether your pS4 controller charging port is adequate or not.

Solution 2

Resetting PS4 controller:

You may have a faulty PS4 controller itself. So, primarily it can be your first solution to reset your PS4 controller. The reset guideline is given below:

See the reset button on your controller: you can find it under the L2 control and looks like a small hole on the back of your controller.

Take a toothpick or a similar blunt object into the reset hole, stick to the button, hold it down for a few moments, and then release it.

If your controller is in a good situation, it should restart. Once it gets started, try to charge it again to see if successful.

Solution 3

Check your PS4 controller charger upside down:

This solution sounds weird to many new PS4 users, but putting your charger upside down is an effective solution. Many PS4 users get a permanent solution by charging their PS4 upside down. You can try this out by putting your PS4 controller upside down and then set it.

Solution 4

Test the charging cable of your PS4 controller:

Sometimes, your PS4 not charging gets introduced due to the charging USB cable. Follow the mentioned steps below to check your USB cable.

If you have another controller, then check it with the USB cable. If the USB cable charges another controller, that means there is no problem with the USB cable.

Note: Some USB cables have the same connectors though, they can have different specs. That’s why if you use a third-party USB cable, your PS4 controller is unable to charge.

So please use an official USB cable charging to load your controller. If you lost the USB cable bought with your PS4, you could buy an official one from Sony.

Solution 5

Check the charging port of your PS4 controller:

The charging port can bring another hassle when it comes to charging your PS4 controller.

Follow the above guideline to check if there’s an issue with your charging port:

If you have multiple controllers, then charge any of those with the same charging USB cable.

If there is any issue with the charging port, you need to replace the charging port.

If you are not aware of the process, you can check out the official site of PlayStation.

Solution 6

Replacing the batteries of your PS4 controller:

This is the last solution when you get failed to try all five. When you can’t find any other way, replace the battery.

If you are using your PS4 controller for an extended period, the controller’s batteries might lose its power charges and die due to the recharging. So, you may replace it with new PS4 batteries and see if your PS4 controller is charging.


In this article, we have shared six excellent tips and tricks on PS4 charging issues. You can try one by one according to your need and emergencies. Hopefully, this article helps you to find out the right solution.

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