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How to Reduce GoPro Wind Noise Problem

As an avid wanderlust who loves documenting your journeys through videos, you probably have a GoPro camera (or two) in your video recording arsenal. One of the major problems you will face while shooting videos is evident wind noise, picked up by the camera mic, in the final footage. How can you reduce wind noise to improve the overall quality of your GoPro video footage?

GoPro Wind Noise Problem

Here is a list of the Gopro Camera Solutions that you should know.

  • Use insulating tape

This is a simple DIY trick that takes care of some of the wind noise that gets picked up by your GoPro microphone. Normally, there are two microphones on your GoPro: the front and rear microphones. The front microphone faces the wind’s direction more, so you can place insulating tape over it. This leaves you with the back microphone to record sound which is ideal because the ambient sound will be favored over wind noise.

  • Mount your GoPro Strategically

Where you mount your GoPro can make a great deal in reducing wind noise. Consider mounting your camera away from the wind to improve sound quality. Avoid areas like the windscreen, side mirrors, or the front fairing that gets hit by wind a lot.

In addition, mounting your GoPro closer to a surface can help reduce wind noise. If you are on a motorcycle, mounting your GoPro camera closer to the engine will pick up more of engine noise than wind noise. However, sometimes it may be inevitable to use a GoPro extender which exposes the camera to wind, hence wind noise. Nevertheless, we explain how to take care of that later.

  • Open the back of the waterproof casing

This hack works exactly like insulating tape especially if you do not want to use insulating tape. Open the back door of the GoPro waterproof casing, so the rear mic is more exposed. It allows the rear mic to pick up more ambient sound, for instance, from your car or motorcycle engine. The plastic casing on the front of your GoPro covers the front mic preventing it from picking wind noise.

  • Use a Windjammer Muffle

A windjammer muffle is similar to the one used on boom mics. This muffle is tiny and will cover the tiny mic holes on your GoPro to filter out wind noise. This would be a more professional way of controlling your sound as opposed to DIY hacks like using insulation tape. Wind jamming muffles can also be used on camera extenders.

  • Use a GoPro Gimbal

Gimbals not only ensure stability in your footage, but they can also be used to weed out unwanted noise. Beside wind noise, some extenders also produce mechanical noise which gets picked by the GoPro mic. A gimbal is more fluid in movement minimizing the possibility of mechanical noise.

Moreover, gimbals have mic holes too which capture sound better. You can conveniently use a gimbal wind jamming muffle to ensure no wind noise shows up in the final footage. Make sure to find the best GoPro gimbal and you will make yourself happy.

Thanks to technology, we can now record HD videos using tiny devices like a GoPro. However, the issue of background noise is still a problem with most high-end cameras. The above hacks should help you in getting rid of background noise, especially wind noise when using a GoPro.

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