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How to Promote Online Business on Instagram

It’s good that times are changing: the online business used to be at home, invitations to a cafe. Your mom probably had a friend who constantly called her in Oriflame or Amway, and came to visit you with a pack of catalogs.

You, fortunately do not need to carry products with you and be imposed on people who are not interested in the offer. Everything can be done via Instagram: sell goods, assemble a team and share experiences with like-minded people.

For those who are not very aware of how it all works, we tell in detail how online managers work on Instagram and what tools will be useful.

Online Business on Instagram

Step 1. How to choose a platform

Determine which social network you will work on. The choice does not depend on personal preferences, but on which site is larger than the target audience.

Make a portrait of your client: a buyer or team member. Determine gender, age, place of residence, interests. You will have a portrait of a consumer, for example, like this:

Jessica, 19 years old, student. He studies in New York as an economist, spends his free time with friends on walks and parties. He wants to make money, but cannot combine work with study, therefore he is considering options on the Internet.

Now check which platform has more people matching this description. This can be done through social media advertising offices. Go to the advertising settings, enter the desired descriptions and look at the size of the audience.

Finding an Instagram audience for online business

Example: search for a potential audience on Instagram

The way is easier – look at the competitors. If they have a lot of comments and followers on Instagram, and you have similar audiences, then you too will surely find your clients in this social media.

Step 2. How to create content

In online marketing, trust is important. Therefore, your goal is to create an image that will not only be interesting to people, but also make them follow your advice.

Working with content begins with a strategy. Each publication is subject to predetermined rules and helps to achieve goals.

Before you start publishing, determine:


What will your posts tell about you and your offer? For example: You successfully earn with the company “N”, you like this job and you are ready to teach those who want to do this.

Lecture hall

For whom you are writing, to whom it will be useful, and who can actually buy goods from you or join the team.

Tonality of publications

To create a clear picture of yourself in the minds of followers, stick to the same style of presentation. See how others do it: celebrities, bloggers and even brands. The original tonality of publications will help to stand out among competitors in the online business.

Answer the questions:

In what style are your posts: official or conversational?

Appeal to the audience on “you”?

Are jokes acceptable? How often?

What topics do you never speak on?

What to write about?

Make a content plan so that your page is interesting and diverse, and you do not have to invent a topic for the post every time.

Make a list of headings: about the product, about you, about your work, reviews, etc. Think about which rubrics are more important and how much information you have on different topics, how often you can post.

Make a publication schedule a week or two ahead: what days, what will you write about.

Follow the rule 30/30/20: a third of the posts should be entertaining, a third – useful, and only 20 – selling.

These items are much easier to perform, based on the experience of competitors successfully engaged in network marketing. Read their pages on social networks and note for yourself what topics they write and how often, what is the tone of their publications.

Step 3. How to attract followers

In addition to creating content, an important part of maintaining pages in social media is interaction with the audience.

The important part is involvement. People will read your materials and leave the page if you do not begin to interact with them. Ways are obvious, but working: questions for the audience, polls, contests.

If you are promoting a personal page, comment on the posts of interesting people who work in the same topic of online marketing, get acquainted with them.

Step 4. Promotion of online business

Here are ways to attract an audience to a page on a social network and brief instructions for them for those who have no experience at all in promoting:

Paid methods:

Purchase Instagram Likes

Anyone who does not want to long and painfully tinker with invitations requests personally, can choose services on the Internet that work well and do not require any special knowledge to use. On these resources, you can buy instagram likes that do not require any attention from the profile owner.

The main advantage of this method is the speed of delivery of likes, since no one will get into the bank with a reasonable increase in this resource. Most of these services work for a nominal fee. However, there are also disadvantages, since in the future you can get not a real audience, which does not exist.

Targeted Advertising

This is the official social media tool for promoting pages, groups, third-party sites or applications. The advantage over other tools is that you only pay for the target audience you choose when setting up.

To set up targeted Instagram advertising, go to the advertising cabinet.

To run on Instagram you need a Facebook account. The easier option is to turn on the “business account” and set up ads right from Instagram.


When working with bloggers, the effectiveness of the placement strongly depends on the choice of the leader of opinions: how good the profile is with it, and whether the audience of your business product and the blogger page match.

There are different formats of work: for payment or by barter. The format of interaction will also affect the effectiveness: placing a post in the main account or in the Stories, holding a joint competition.


This is the purchase of advertising space on thematic sites, in public or groups. You can find these directly: through a search or among the followers of a user who is in your target audience (already interested in online business or can potentially start). Or through the exchange, where sites are collected by topic, and the purchase of advertising and statistics collection is automated.

You can study social media work yourself, through blogs (for example, ours), professional groups or on courses.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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