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How To Prepare For Cloud Practitioner Exam

Cloud experts are certified by taking the cloud architect certification exams. The course is usually structured to give you the knowledge, skills, and experience dealing with cloud applications. Today, the cloud-based platforms are increasingly becoming the host options for companies and businesses due to the convenience they offer. As more companies and businesses move from the traditional methods of operating, the demand for cloud-based skills will only skyrocket, and thus, it is essential for every IT technician to learn about cloud. Different cloud applications exist, but they all operate on the same principle of giving businesses more flexibility and convenience.

How To Prepare For Cloud Practitioner Exam

Preparing to pass the cloud practitioner exam

To pass the practitioner exam, you must prepare well for the exams. Most people make the mistake of rushing to take the exam and end up failing or poor results. The exams are set to gauge your general skills and knowledge on the course as well as help you recognize the cloud concepts and what to expect in the industry. Although some people have claimed to have easily passed the tests, different people have different experiences, and thus, it is essential that you understand your habits and abilities first.

Some people will need to read a specific concept once to understand while others may need to revisit the concept several times. The goal is to ensure that you know what works for you. For other individuals, they need visual concepts like videos and images to comprehend the topics. Luckily, there are different materials to help you prepare for the cloud practitioner exam ranging from videos to audio files, content and tutor-assisted learning and a mix of different formats. Udemy is a great platform and there are many options available to choose the best cloud practitioner exam certifications. That said, some of the things you should be aware before taking the exam to increase your chances of passing the exam include:

Meet eligibility criteria: Different cloud exams have eligibility requirements you should meet before taking the exam. The eligibility requirements are meant to give you the best chance of passing the exam. You will find that most cloud exams require you to have a specified experience in some roles. They also require you to have the basic knowledge of IT services. You should understand that there are some skills and knowledge that will come in handy during the exams that you should are expected to be aware of such as how to operate a computer.

Understand the exam pattern: It would be a big mistake to take the exam blindly. At the minimum, have a general knowledge of how the exam is structured. You should know whether the test involves typing or answering multiple questions. You should also know the number of questions you will need to answer correctly to pass the exam. Most exams have a pass mark that you must meet to pass the exam. You should also know the duration of the exams and the approximate time you should take to answer every question. Knowing the time, take to answer a single question helps you track your progress.

Go through whitepapers: White papers are created to give users and professionals with information about specific issues and the best way to address different challenges. The white papers cover basic topics such as architecture, security, and economics with in-depth information.


Before taking the cloud exam, or any other online exam, make sure that you have a thorough knowledge of the practitioner essentials, technical essentials, and business essentials. If you have used online class takers to take your course on your behalf, ensure you have got all the notes well in advance so that you can prepare yourself for the exam. Make sure that you are familiar with the subject areas. It also helps to test your knowledge and skills with sample questions before taking the final exam. Be confident even if you find a question that you do not understand knowing that you are not required to pass all the questions and thus, there is no need to panic.

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