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How To Predict The Cards Of A Rummy Player?

One of the ways to assure a win in a Rummy patti game is by trying to predict the cards of the opponents. However, it is not an easy task, since you cannot see the hand of the rival. Thus, any assumption will be based on behaviour of the player in playing the card game. We have listed out some tactics by which you can accurately read the hand of a rummy player.

The Cards Of A Rummy Player

  1. Pay Attention to the Discarded Cards

When playing online rummy, the best way to understand the cards of your rival, is to be attentive to the cards discarded. Which card is being discarded by which opponent and what was the last card discarded by the player? You need to have the ability to memorize, as by remembering the cards discarded, it is possible to predict the set and sequence formed by others or important cards the opposite person needs. This way, you can also plan your next move by knowing the card to be held and safe to be discarded.

  1. Focus on Every Move of the Opponents

Just like noting the discarded cards is important, it is essential to keep an eye on how many cards the opposite player is picking, either from draw or discard pile. Playing with multiple players can make it difficult to keep a tab on such activity, but this is a skill you develop by playing rummy game regularly. If the rival is picking a card from discard pile, it may hint the probable sequence or set being formed by the player.

  1. Trust Your Gut Instinct

By following the above two tactics, you will come to an understanding or intuition, and if you are almost sure about the cards the opponents possess, you must trust your gut instinct. If your assumption is accurate, you can lead the game by holding certain important cards or knowing the right card to discard at the right moment.

  1. Try to Spot a Bluff or Strategy

While you are at it, the other players in the game will also try reading your cards. And if they have done so correctly, they may try to play a bluff or use a strategy to encourage you in discarding a card they require. That is the charm of Indian rummy; a player plays wisely, till the end of the game. Though you have put efforts in predicting cards of others, it is equally crucial to crack any strategy or bluff done by the rivals.

  1. Observe How Dealt Cards Are Arranged

The above-given tricks are suitable for rummy online, but if you are playing face-to-face with someone, then you can see how the opponent is arranging the cards. Observing the pattern itself can give you an idea about how desirable the freshly dealt cards are for the player. If a person is taking time to arrange the cards, it may mean, he/she is unsure as to where to place the cards. Sometimes, it may indicate that the cards can form a set or sequence of higher or lower order, thus the individual is confused as to how to use the cards.

  1. Catch Any Sign of Change in Expression

When playing rummy offline, you have the benefit of noting the facial expression of the opponent. A change in expression either excitement or dismay, can give you an indication if the hand is good or bad for the player. Though the same technique does not apply when playing online, you can understand if the rival is sure about his/her hand, depending on the time taken to discard or draw a card. More time taken may indicate, something is amiss, or the person is thinking hard about the next move.

By the above-given 6 tricks, you can easily and almost accurately, read or predict the hand of a rummy player.

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