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How to Play YouTube Videos & Music in Background

With more than 1 billion downloads on just play store, YouTube is the most popular app among smartphone users. Remember, we haven’t calculated iPhone users yet. In short, YouTube is being used by almost every mobile phone user irrespective of age. The most common reason behind its addictiveness is the quality and useful information that user upload daily, in fact, every second. It is the most used search engine based on video search results.

If you want to have Halloween idea, take care of your pets or build gigantic machines, its all possible with the help of YouTube. Thanks to YouTube which has simplified our life by providing the best platform. Yes, there are many similar platforms but YouTube outranks all because of its frequent updates launch and algorithm improvements. As we all use YouTube based on our interest, you might have faced a very specific issue of not running YouTube videos while working with another app on smartphones, right? By the time, there are many apps have been developed for solving this particular issue. But wait, what! Do you have to download and install a separate app for such reason? I don’t think so and that’s why I invited you here. You will find the way for playing YouTube videos & Music on the background while surfing other apps.

Method #1: Play YouTube videos in Background for Android Devices

As we discussed earlier, we don’t need to install a separate app in order to play YouTube videos and music in the background. Here’s how to do it:

Step1: Open chrome browser and open it. (Download if you don’t have)

Step2: Navigate to the following URL: (It will ask to open it on YouTube app, simply ignore it by canceling it.)

Step3: Go to settings of chrome browser (3 dots at the right corner in the top of the screen) and enable “Request to Desktop Site

Step4: It will redirect you to a desktop version of YouTube. Just search for your favorite video and start playing it.

Step5: Get out of the chrome by pressing the home button and Resume the started video from the control center of your notification bar. 

Bingo! You’ve started playing YouTube video while chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

Method #2: Play YouTube videos in Background for iPhones

The same method what we adopted on Android device may work on iPhones too. But for more accuracy, here is the particular method.

Step1: Download and install Dolphin browser on your iOS device and open it.

Step2: Navigate to the following URL: (It will ask to open it on YouTube app, simply ignore it by canceling it.)

Step3: Open your preferred video and start playing.

Step4: Pressing home but will get you out of that videos. Open control drawer by swiping the screen from the bottom.

Step5: Tap on the play button and it will start your video in the background. That’s it.

Method #3: Play YouTube videos in Background using Third Party App

In the following method, we will utilize youtube++ app. YouTube++ app is nothing but the modified version of official YouTube for providing many extra features. It won’t be available on play store and hence you need to download from other sources. 

Step1: Download YouTube++ apk file from provided source.

Step2: Go to Setting >> Unknown Sources to allow installation of third-party apps.

Step3: After installation of YouTube++, open it.

Step4: Start playing video of your choice on YouTube++ app.

Step5: You will find “Background” option under title. It will do the job.


So, these were the easiest tips for playing YouTube videos in the background. One will demand it when he/she wants to work on other apps while listening music from YouTube. There are many third-party apps which can be used to do so. But, app listed above is tested and working fine. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to list it in the comment section.

Brian Flores
Brian Flores
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